Adjectives for Oriental

Adjectives For Oriental

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing oriental, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe 'oriental' can significantly shape readers' perceptions, highlighting various aspects of culture, age, authenticity, and geographical nuances. Using adjectives like 'anglo-oriental' may emphasize a blend of Western and Eastern characteristics, while 'young' or 'old' oriental can suggest a vibrant, evolving culture versus deep-rooted, traditional aspects. 'True oriental' invites a discussion on authenticity and the essence of Eastern cultures, whereas 'more' and 'eastern' oriental hint at degrees of influence or intensity. Each adjective paints a unique picture of the oriental subject, inviting readers to explore the richness and diversity it embodies. Delve into the full list of adjectives below to discover more nuanced interpretations.
angloThe Anglo oriental has grown to be India's largest private ship owner and operator.
moreThe restaurant serves more oriental cuisine than western.
trueThe true oriental traditions had disappeared.
youngThe young oriental girl smiled politely.
oldThe old oriental rug added a touch of elegance to the room.
easternThe eastern oriental sweet osmanthus is fragrant.
inscrutableThe inscrutable oriental smiled enigmatically.
mostThe most oriental dish in the restaurant is the Peking duck.
graecoThe graeco oriental art was popular in the Hellenistic period.
averageThe average oriental person is of medium height and build.
ancientThe ancient oriental philosophy teaches us to live in harmony with nature.
peculiarlyThe peculiarly oriental fragrance of incense filled the air.
wilyThe wily oriental weaved through the crowded marketplace.
antiThe anti oriental sentiment has been growing in the United States.
nonThe non oriental rug was beautiful.
americanI went to an American oriental restaurant last night.
semiThe semi oriental rug added a touch of elegance to the room.
modernModern oriental aesthetics offer a perfect balance between traditional elegance and sleek modernity.
handsomeThe handsome oriental man smiled at me.
typicalThe typical oriental man will smile sarcastically.
lessThe less oriental style makes the room more modern.
hellenisticThe Hellenistic oriental temples introduced to Anatolia from the East were open-air, peristyle buildings.
colombianThe tucunare, the great colombian oriental fish, is from the Cichlidae family.
thoroughHe paid a thorough oriental visit, arriving in the morning and not leaving until the small hours of the next morning.
exoticThe exotic oriental spices added a unique flavor to the dish.
bigThe big oriental rug tied the room together.
greekThe greek oriental dance is a very popular style of dance.
grecoIl greco orientale era un dialetto comune nella regione mediterranea orientale.
halfHe's half oriental and half western.
subtleThe painting depicted a subtle oriental landscape with rolling hills and a serene lake.
genuineThe genuine oriental rugs added a touch of elegance to the room.
northernThe northern oriental lifestyle is very different from the southern occidental lifestyle.
agedThe aged oriental man sat quietly in the corner of the room.
sinisterThe sinister oriental man watched the children playing in the park.
languidThe languid oriental person moved slowly and with grace.
mysteriousThe mysterious oriental carpets had an allure that captivated all who beheld them.
tallThe tall oriental man walked slowly down the street.
europeanThe European oriental is a breed of cat originating in England.
affableThe affable oriental man greeted us with a warm smile and a friendly wave.
culturedThe cultured oriental gentleman bowed deeply.
pureThe pure oriental smell was very relaxing.
ruralHe lived a rural oriental life.
russianThe Russian oriental Art Association help to preserve and popularize oriental art in all its forms.
ordinaryThe ordinary oriental rug was a beautiful addition to the living room.
craftyThe crafty oriental rug tied the room together.
richHe has an exotic tastes and always goes for rich oriental food.
worthyThe worthy oriental sage spent days deep in meditation.
sumaSuma oriental es una obra de Antonio Pigafetta que narra el viaje de circunnavegación de Magallanes y Elcano.
eyedShe is an eyed oriental woman.
southernThe southern oriental dragon is a legendary creature in Chinese mythology.
elderlyThe elderly oriental woman smiled at me as I passed by.
wealthyOn the one hand, China's cities were graced with collectors who were incredibly wealthy oriental aesthetes.
educatedI met an educated oriental today.
strangeAmy found a strange oriental shop while walking through the city.
astuteThe astute oriental gentleman had an air of confidence.
graveThe grave oriental sat silently, a stern expression on his face.
genuinelyI am genuinely oriental with my black hair and brown eyes.
archiveI found an archive oriental rug at the flea market.
polishedShe demonstrated her exquisite taste in home decor with polished oriental vases and intricate Persian rugs.
lookingThe man looking oriental was walking down the street.
australianThe australian oriental is a breed of domestic cat that originated in Australia.
passiveThe room was decorated with a passive oriental style.
suaveA suave oriental gentleman strolled through the crowded market.
sephardicThe sephardic oriental is a type of jewish from the middle east.
singularlyThe singularly oriental appearance of the building stood out.
nepalI am going to visit the nepal oriental
mysticThe mystic oriental fragrance filled the air with an exotic aroma.
afroThe afro oriental dancer moved her hips to the beat of the music.
somewhatThe somewhat oriental design of the living room created a serene atmosphere.
impassiveThe impassive oriental watched the commotion with a detached gaze.
picturesqueThe picturesque oriental garden was a sight to behold with its lush greenery and vibrant colors.

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