Adjectives for Others

Adjectives For Others

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing others, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'others' can significantly shift the tone and meaning of a sentence. Words like 'many' and 'several' suggest a broader, perhaps more inclusive perspective, while 'few' narrows the focus, often implying exclusivity or scarcity. 'Significant' elevates the importance of those referred to, stressing their impact or value. 'Most' and 'still', on the other hand, can hint at a sense of majority or ongoing relevance, respectively. Each adjective paints 'others' in a unique light, subtly altering the way audiences perceive the message conveyed. Dive deeper to explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can vividly color your communication.
manyMany others also had the same experience.
severalI invited several others to the party.
fewThere were few others present at the event.
mostMy friends like to play basketball, but I prefer soccer, like most others
stillStill others have yet to catch on to the trend.
numerousHe has traveled to many different countries, including France, Italy, and numerous others
countlessThey were just one of countless others who were suffering.
amongstThe students were discussing various topics amongst others such as history and science.
innumerableAmongst them, it is not only the most widely diffused but also the most ancient of innumerable others and has continued under different guises since the very earliest civilisations.
forI am always willing to go the extra mile for others
relevantWe can also look to our relevant others such as friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers, for support.
yetYet others were inspired to spin tales of their own.
leadShe loves to lead others and take charge.
sundryMartha baked sundry others for her party's dessert table.
whilstThe team members were working on the project, whilst others were taking notes.
dozenThe dozen others are far more intriguing.
convincingHe was a skilled orator, convincing others with his eloquence.
sureIt was a good decision and I am sure others will make the same choice
beingBeing others is the key to understanding them.
woundedThe recent battle had left many of the soldiers wounded others
substituteShe had no choice but to substitute others for her kidnapped friend.
injuredThe reckless driver injured others and caused a massive pile-up on the highway.
myriadThe myriad others are waiting for their turn to be seen.
mindedThe legislation was minded others including minorities, who would be affected.
dissimilarThe dissimilar others had different perspectives.
anonymousWe must not allow anonymous others to hijack our conversation.
knowledgeableI appreciate the insights from knowledgeable others
respectRespect others and their beliefs.
exoticThe exotic others were welcomed with open arms.
unnamedShe is surrounded by unnamed others

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