Adjectives for Out

Adjectives For Out

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing out, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe 'out' can significantly alter the tone and depth of your expression. The word 'all out' implies a full-scale effort or commitment, conveying a sense of totality and extremity. 'Worn out', on the other hand, creates an image of exhaustion or depletion, often evoking empathy or understanding. Using 'drawn out', we depict scenarios stretched beyond the expected, suggesting tedium or elongation. The adjective 'thought out' signals meticulous planning or consideration, highlighting rationality or foresight. Each adjective, whether it emphasizes time, effort, or condition, crafts a unique narrative context around 'out'. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives accompanying 'out' to master the subtleties of description and elevate your language precision.
allShe went all out to make a good impression.
wornThe old car is completely worn out
drawnThe meeting was drawn out and lasted for hours.
thoughtThe plan is well thought out
timeThe coach called a time out to give his players a break.
burnedThe firefighters were burned out after working all night.
longThe long out of print novel was finally re-released.
actingThe child was acting out because they were frustrated.
flatShe flat out refused to go.
insideThe book was inside out
burntThe candle had burnt out and the room was dark.
wellThe cab is already well out of town.
cutI cut out the cookies with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.
blackThe power went out and the house was in a black out
readThe teacher read out the names of the students.
washedThe colors of the painting were washed out by the sun.
hollowedThe pumpkin was hollowed out for Halloween.
comingSally is coming out of the closet next week.
sharpDon't worry, I'll sharp out a plan soon.
workingHe is working out in the backyard.
farThat's far out man.
bombedThe bombed out building stood as a grim reminder of the war.
laidShe laid out her clothes for the next day.
punchedHe got punched out at the bar.
downHe was down out after the breakup.
cleanWhen you're finished with the cake, please clean out the bowl.
blackedThe drunk driver blacked out behind the wheel.
driedThe herbs were dried out and ready for storage.
soldThe popular show at the local theater has sold out
coldIt's cold out
stretchedThe cat stretched out on the couch, its paws twitching as it dreamed.
straightHe went straight out of the house.
dayI'm going to have a day out with my friends.
takeI decided to get take out for dinner.
checkCheck out that new movie that just came out!
saltingThe process of salting out is used to separate a protein from a solution by adding a salt to the solution, which causes the protein to precipitate.
crowdingCrowding out occurs when increased government borrowing drives up interest rates, making it more expensive for businesses to borrow money.
rollWe will roll out the new software next week.
hangI like to hang out with my friends on weekends.
blownThe tires were blown out from the impact.
oneThe batter was one out from hitting a home run.
boardingThe students are boarding out at a local hotel during the renovations.
scoopedThe spoon scooped out a large chunk of ice cream.
weedingThe committee is weeding out candidates with criminal records.
baseThe baseball player stole second base out
spacedShe seemed spaced out after the accident.
strungThe addict was strung out on drugs.
carryingThe officer carrying out the investigation concluded that there was no foul play.
playedThe old argument was played out
stressedI am so stressed out about my finals.
sideThe team won the rally and earned a side out
leaveDon't leave out the important details.
writtenThe cheque should be written out to the company.
comeThe sun will come out tomorrow.
throughThe ball bounced through out the court.
wellthoughtThe team had a wellthought out plan for the project.
filledThe form was filled out completely.

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