Adjectives for Outlet

Adjectives For Outlet

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing outlet, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the diverse adjectives used with 'outlet' reveals a fascinating journey through various contexts, from shopping to anatomy. An 'outlet' can be more than just a point of sale, as seen in 'retail outlet,' it encompasses exclusive availability in 'only outlet.' The term stretches to the natural world, seen in 'natural outlet,' highlighting its presence in environmental discussions. Furthermore, it penetrates the technical and electrical realms, with 'electrical outlet' being a commonplace term. Surprisingly, it extends into the human anatomy and psyche through 'pelvic outlet' and 'sexual outlet,' showcasing its versatility and the depth it adds to discussions. Delve into the full range of adjectives associated with 'outlet' below and discover the nuances each brings.
retailThe retail outlet was crowded with shoppers looking for the latest deals.
onlyThe only outlet was the window.
naturalThe river provided a natural outlet for the excess water.
electricalThe electrical outlet was faulty, and it sparked when I plugged in the cord.
main"Sprinting was his main outlet," he said.
importantNetworking is an important outlet for introverts.
majorThe company has partnered with major outlets to distribute its products.
emotionalCrying can be an emotional outlet for people who are feeling sad or overwhelmed.
creativeMy creative outlet helps me to relax and express myself.
thoracicThe thoracic outlet is a space between the first rib and the collarbone.
singleThe bathroom has only a single outlet for all the appliances.
favoriteI always charge my phone at my favorite outlet in the living room.
freeThere is a free outlet next to the desk.
chiefThe mall is the chief outlet for clothing sales in the city.
principalThe principal outlet for our products is the internet.
electricI plugged the lamp into the electric outlet
totalThe total outlet in that area is considerably higher.
narrowThe narrow outlet made it difficult for the boat to pass through.
adequateThe therapy provided an adequate outlet for her to express her feelings.
commercialThe commercial outlet sold a variety of products including groceries, electronics, and clothing.
possibleThis new business is a possible outlet for local artists.
normalI plugged the phone into a normal outlet
properThe electrician installed a proper outlet for the new appliance.
directTo do this, we need passive direct outlets to funnel these waste streams.
convenientThe convenient outlet was located near the desk, making it easy to charge devices.
safeNever use a safe outlet with a three-prong plug.
visibleThe visible outlet was behind the couch.
legitimateThe company was accused of using a legitimate outlet for money laundering.
readyWe must try and set up a ready outlet for his anger.
alternativeI decided to pursue an alternative outlet for my pent-up creativity.
acceptableThe most acceptable outlet for their new feelings was performance.
suitableThe suitable outlet for your anger is not violence.
bottomThe bottom outlet of the pipe is blocked by a clog.
sufficientThe room needs sufficient outlet for the machines.
soleThe sole outlet offers a wide variety of products.
healthyExercise is a healthy outlet for stress and frustration.
gastricThe gastric outlet is narrowed in pyloric stenosis.
profitableThe online store proved to be a profitable outlet for the company's products.
doubleThe electrician installed a double outlet in the kitchen.
southernThe southern outlet of the lake was blocked by a fallen tree.
westernThe western outlet of the lake was severely restricted by zebra mussels.
appropriateThe teacher provided several appropriate outlets for the students to express their creativity.
satisfactoryThe restaurant provided a satisfactory outlet for his hunger.
northernThe northern outlet of the lake was blocked by a fallen tree.
nearestThe nearest outlet is located just down the street.
usefulThe workshop provided a useful outlet for her creativity.
largestThe company has opened its largest outlet in the city center.
regularI plugged the charger into the regular outlet
necessaryThe necessary outlet for his creativity was painting.
easternThe eastern outlet of Lake Erie is the Niagara River.
easyThe easy outlet is through the kitchen.
constructiveMy hobbies provide a constructive outlet for my creativity.
excellentThis mall is an excellent outlet for all your shopping needs.
availableThe available outlet must be able to handle the power requirements of the device.
valuableOur blog provides a valuable outlet for expressing your thoughts and ideas.
harmlessHe found a harmless outlet for his rage in sports.
idealThis new product line found its ideal outlet in the retail market.
wholesaleWe found wholesale outlets to stock up on supplies for our business.

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