Adjectives for Outline

Adjectives For Outline

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing outline, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe an outline can significantly impact the reader's understanding of its specificity and scope. A general outline provides an overarching view, while a brief one skims the surface, offering just enough to grasp the main ideas. Opting for a broad outline ensures a wide range of topics is covered, whereas a rough outline sketches out ideas without much detail. An irregular outline might stray from traditional structures, inviting curiosity, and a basic outline sticks to the essential points, making it easily accessible. Each adjective reveals a new shade of meaning, painting a clearer picture of what to expect. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives paired with 'outline' below.
generalHere is a general outline of the report.
briefI have prepared a brief outline of the report and will send it to you shortly.
broadWe have just finished drafting the broad outline for the project.
roughThe rough outline of the project was presented to the board.
basicFollow this basic outline to create quality content.
bareThe bare outline of the story was already written.
clearThe architect provided a clear outline of the new building.
detailedThe professor handed out a detailed outline for the upcoming exam.
dimIn the dim outline of the room, I could barely make out her shape.
faintThe faint outline of a figure emerged from the darkness.
mainAfter the meeting, the team members were satisfied with the main outline
darkThe dark outline of the figure was barely visible in the dim light.
mereHe provided nothing but a mere outline of his argument.
simpleThe plan has a simple outline
barestHe provided only the barest outline of his research.
historicalThe historical outline of events can provide insight into the motivations and consequences of past actions.
sharpThe mountains stood out against the sky with a sharp outline
completePlease provide a complete outline
blackThe image features a group of people standing in a circle with a black outline
shortThe short outline of the report is now ready.
vagueThe vague outline of the figure was barely visible in the dim light.
schematicVictor drew a schematic outline of the three-bedroom house with a two-car garage.
boldThe bold outline of the mountains was visible in the distance.
circularThe circular outline of the tree was a perfect frame for the setting sun.
originalWe can also use the original outline to generate a detailed storyboard and screenplay.
topicalThe writer can use a topical outline to ensure that their information is organized and properly categorized.
preliminaryThe committee submitted its preliminary outline for review.
definiteThe distant mountains had a definite outline against the clear sky.
roundedThe rounded outline of the hilltop made it instantly recognizable.
briefestThe proposal provides only the briefest outline but even this demonstrates the potential.
shadowyThe shadowy outline of the figure loomed in the darkness.
dottedHer friend traced the dotted outline of the state on the map.
smoothThe smooth outline of the hill was visible against the horizon.
formalThe formal outline should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
ovalThe painting depicted a face with an oval outline
tentativeThe team worked from a tentative outline which they refined as the project progressed.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive outline provided a thorough overview of the project's scope and objectives.
regularHe used the regular outline to organize his notes.
distinctThe dark shape had a distinct outline against the moonlight.
sketchyHe came up with a sketchy outline for the story.
curvedThe curved outline of the vase contrasted with the sharp angles of the table.
merestThe architect had only completed the merest outline of the design.
triangularThe triangular outline of the mountain was visible from a distance.
rectangularThe rectangular outline of the building stood out against the skyline.
blueThe painting had a blue outline that drew attention to the main figure.
suggestedThe suggested outline includes key points, evidence, and formatting.
contentUtilizing a structured content outline will help create a clear and organized report.
foregoingThe foregoing outline summarizes the main points of the proposed research project.
gracefulThe dancer's graceful outline was a silhouette against the sunset.
jaggedThe jagged outline of the mountains against the sky was a breathtaking sight.
writtenHe turned and snapped his fingers to the musicians, and then called out to his partner to begin the written outline
renalThe renal outline was not visualized on the X-ray.
broadestThe broadest outline of the novel is a coming-of-age story.
usefulThe useful outline helped me write my report.
pageThe page outline was lost in the digital data conversion.
skeletalThe author provided a skeletal outline of his report.
correctThe correct outline is essential for a successful presentation.
exactShe followed the exact outline he provided.
familiarThrough the mists the familiar outline of the mountain emerged.
structuralThe report includes a structural outline of the study's findings.
meagreShe gave me a meagre outline of the incident.
overallThe overall outline of the project was developed by the engineering team.
hazyThe hazy outline of the distant mountains was visible through the mist.
firmThe artist sketched the firm outline of the mountain.
brokenHer heart was a broken outline a faint sketch of what it once was.
wavyThe wavy outline of the mountains was obscured by the fog.
definedThe concept had a clearly defined outline and obvious benefits.
melodicThe composer employed a melodic outline that was both simple and elegant.
conciseThe concise outline provided a clear and comprehensive overview of the project.
grandThe grand outline of the project was discussed during the meeting.
characteristicThe characteristic outline of its leaves and their arrangement on the stem serve to distinguish this species.
blurredThe silhouette of the figure appeared as a blurred outline in the dim light.

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