Adjectives for Outlook

Adjectives For Outlook

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing outlook, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the different adjectives used with the word 'outlook' uncovers a rich landscape of meanings and implications. A 'new outlook' suggests fresh perspectives or hope, often after a period of stagnation or challenge. When 'political' precedes 'outlook', it frames a viewpoint specifically in the realm of politics, indicating a stance or ideology. 'General outlook' broadens the context, referring to an overall attitude or disposition towards life or a specific situation. With 'whole outlook', the emphasis is on a comprehensive or total perspective. A 'positive outlook' infers an optimistic view, focusing on the good rather than the negative. Meanwhile, adding 'religious' to 'outlook' introduces a specific set of beliefs or faith-based perspective. Each adjective nuances the noun, offering a peek into the complexity of perspectives and attitudes one might hold. Dive deeper into the full range of adjectives that color the word 'outlook' and their unique shades of meaning below.
newThe new outlook on life provided me with a sense of hope and optimism.
politicalThe politician's speeches gave little insight into his political outlook
generalThe general outlook for the economy is positive.
wholeI love the whole outlook of the house, but I wish the kitchen were bigger.
positiveMaintaining a positive outlook allows us to see opportunities in challenges.
religiousMany people from different religious outlooks have come together to work on this project.
economicThe economic outlook is positive for the next year.
mentalJohn's positive mental outlook helped him to overcome his challenges.
socialVisiting new places and meeting new people widened her social outlook
scientificWith a scientific outlook we can approach problems with logic and reason.
optimisticDespite the challenges, she maintained an optimistic outlook on life.
moralHer moral outlook was shaped by her religious upbringing.
philosophicalThe artist's philosophical outlook is reflected in the abstract nature of their work.
broadThe manager had a broad outlook and saw the potential of the project.
termAnalysts lowered their term outlook for the company.
futureThe future outlook for the company is positive.
modernThe company has a modern outlook and is always looking for new ways to improve.
internationalThe company has an international outlook and operates in various countries.
liberalThe political party had a very liberal outlook
broaderThe broader outlook allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the issue.
narrowAlthough he is a genius, he has a narrow outlook on life.
widerMy wider outlook has allowed me to see the world from a different perspective.
pessimisticJohn had a pessimistic outlook on life and always expected the worst.
nationalThe company has a national outlook due to its presence in multiple cities.
intellectualShe had cultivated in him an intellectual outlook
conservativeThe new CEO had a conservative outlook on the future of the company.
spiritualThe old sage shared his spiritual outlook with his disciples.
traditionalOur grandparents have a very traditional outlook on life, but they are still very open-minded.
entireHer entire outlook on life changed after she adopted the dog.
wideHe had a wide outlook that allowed him to see the world from different perspectives.
culturalThe new program, the university said in a release, is designed to prepare teachers who have a strong cultural outlook on the diverse needs of students.
historical"A historical outlook on the subject is essential to understanding its complexities."
basicHer basic outlook was one of pessimism and despair.
progressiveWe value a progressive outlook and encourage innovative thinking.
gloomyThe gloomy outlook for the economy has some experts on edge.
cosmopolitanHer cosmopolitan outlook allowed her to adapt easily to different cultures.
freshEmbracing a fresh outlook enhances our perspectives and allows us to see the world with renewed clarity.
christianThe team's christian outlook has helped them through difficult times.
secularStudents with a secular outlook often question traditional religious beliefs.
financialDespite recent economic trends, the company's financial outlook remains positive.
worldHer positive world outlook makes her a pleasure to be around.
globalThe company's strong global outlook helped it to expand its reach and increase its revenue.
hopefulThe team's hopeful outlook for the season is based on their strong performance in the pre-season.
ideologicalThe ideological outlook of the group was evident in their support for social justice.
limitedThe conservative politician had a limited outlook on social issues.
theologicalThe theological outlook of these two schools of thought differ vastly.
ethicalThe company's ethical outlook is based on the principles of integrity, responsibility, and sustainability.
negativeThe economic recession has cast a negative outlook on the future.
materialisticThey were drawn to her materialistic outlook and extravagant lifestyle.
bleakThe company's financial situation had a bleak outlook
overallThe overall outlook for the company is positive.
practicalShe remained calm and composed, showing a practical outlook
rationalWe need to approach this situation with a rational outlook
revolutionaryThe revolutionary outlook of the young activists inspired hope for change.
favorableThe weather forecast for the weekend has a favorable outlook with plenty of sunshine.
realisticHe had a realistic outlook on life.
democraticThe government's recent policies reflect its democratic outlook
philosophicHis philosophic outlook led him to question the world and its complexities.
universalHer broad and universal outlook helped her to make friends everywhere.
changedHer newfound faith gave her a changed outlook on life.
healthyJohn maintained a healthy outlook on life even after his accident.
cheerfulDespite the challenges, she maintained a cheerful outlook on life.
psychologicalShe had a positive psychological outlook on life.
fundamentalThe report states a fundamental outlook on the company's long-term prospects.
theoreticalThe theoretical outlook of the author is not clear from the text.
brightThe company has a bright outlook for the future.
strategicThey had a strategic outlook on the company's future.
bourgeoisThe bourgeois outlook on life is characterized by a focus on material possessions and social status.
pragmaticHe approached the situation with a pragmatic outlook
balancedThe team demonstrated a balanced outlook in their approach to the project.
comprehensiveHer comprehensive outlook made her the standout candidate for the job.
dismalThe company's dismal outlook was a sign of the economic downturn.
parochialDespite his international experience, he had a surprisingly parochial outlook

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