Adjectives for Output

Adjectives For Output

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing output, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The term 'output' can reflect various nuances when paired with different adjectives, highlighting specific aspects of productivity or performance across diverse domains. For instance, 'cardiac output' focuses on the heart's efficiency, while 'total output' encapsulates an entity's complete production. In the realm of 'agricultural output,' the emphasis shifts to farm produce, contrastingly 'industrial output' measures manufacturing achievements. Moreover, 'annual output' pinpoints productivity over a year, and 'maximum output' signifies the highest achievable production level. Each adjective not only modifies 'output' but enriches its meaning, offering a deeper insight into the context of discussion. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'output' and uncover the subtle distinctions they bring.
cardiacA decrease in cardiac output can lead to inadequate tissue perfusion.
totalThe factory's total output is 10,000 widgets per day.
agriculturalThe agricultural output of the region has increased significantly in recent years.
industrialThe country's industrial output grew by 5% last year.
annualThe company's annual output increased by 10%.
maximumThe engine's maximum output is 240 horsepower.
highThe plant's high output amazed the farmers.
urinaryThe patient's urinary output has decreased significantly over the past 24 hours.
realThe company's real output increased by 5% last quarter.
lowThe machine's low output was a cause for concern.
inputThe input output of the system was satisfactory.
grossThe company's gross output increased by 5% last year.
nationalThe national output has been growing steadily for the past few years.
netThe company's net output has increased significantly over the past year.
currentThe current output of the generator is too low.
averageThe company showed an average output in terms of their sales figures.
finalThe final output will be a report in JSON format.
actualThe actual output is a JSON object like this.
potentialThe firm is operating below its potential output
domesticThe company increased its domestic output by 10% last year.
literaryHer literary output consists of multiple works.
aggregateThe aggregate output of the firm is the total amount of goods and services that it produces.
entireThe entire output was saved in a JSON file.
dailyThe daily output of the factory was impressive.
greaterThe new equipment will hopefully lead to a greater output
higherThe factory increased production to achieve higher output
electricalThe electrical output of the solar panel is 250 watts.
additionalThis sentence has additional output
lightThe light output of the lamp is 1000 lumens.
largerThe data set has a much larger output compared to other data sets.
digitalThe digital output of the computer was stored on a hard drive.
adequateThis sentence provides adequate output
printedThe computer found a syntax error in the user's printed output
constantThe motor maintained a constant output of 100 horsepower throughout the race.
overallThe overall output of the program was satisfactory.
urineThe patient's urine output has decreased significantly.
creativeOur creative output is a reflection of our unique perspectives and experiences.
usefulThe useful output is in JSON format.
audioThe audio output of the new surround sound system was amazing.
hourlyThe hourly output of the factory has been steadily increasing.
verbalThe verbal output was a clear and concise summary of the meeting.
graphicalThe graphical output displayed the results of the experiment.
correspondingThe corresponding output is displayed below.
reproductiveThe reproductive output of the species is increasing.
continuousThis is a continuous output
monthlyThe monthly output of the factory is about 1000 units.
capitalThe capital output ratio is a measure of the efficiency of capital.
maximalThe athlete pushed himself to his maximal output during the race.
enormousThe manufacturing unit had an enormous output this month.
optimalThe team achieved optimal output through collaboration and effective communication.
reducedThe reduced output resulted in a lower production level.
hepaticThe patient's hepatic output was significantly decreased.
mechanicalThe machine's mechanical output was far greater than its electrical input.
prolificThe author has a prolific output of over 50 published books.
productiveThe company's high productive output was due to streamlined processes and motivated employees.
steadyThe generator produced a steady output of electricity.
soundThe sound output was of exceptional quality.
acousticTo improve the acoustic output we replaced the primary speaker with a more powerful one.

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