Adjectives for Over

Adjectives For Over

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing over, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'over' pairs with a variety of adjectives, each bringing its own shade of meaning and context. From the 'little over,' suggestive of just a tad beyond, to the 'last over,' hinting at finality and conclusion. The 'burned over' evokes images of something or somewhere thoroughly affected by fire or hardship, while 'cross over' often denotes transition or change. The 'lean over' can convey a physical tilt or inclination towards something, and 'same over' suggests a repetition or continuation of a certain state. Each combination opens a new avenue of understanding and interpretation, reflecting the complexities of language and thought. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that color and nuance the term 'over' below.
littleI have waited for you for a little over two hours.
lastThe bowler ran in and bowled the last over
burnedThe fire burned over an area of 50 acres.
leanHe had to lean over to get a better view of the painting.
sameAll the people with the same over 30 years old.
voiceThe voice over was clear and easy to understand.
carryI need to carry over the remaining work to next week.
turnKindly turn over the contract to review the terms.
switchPlease switch over to the other channel.
cutThey plan to cut over to the new system next weekend.
takeThe new CEO will take over the company next month.
nextThe next over was a maiden
bentThe elderly man bent over to pick up his cane.
onceI gave the room a quick once over before settling in.
icedThe road was iced over and dangerous.
changeWe'll be expecting you at ten o'clock sharp, so if there's any change over you'll need to let us know.
communistThe communist over has run its course.
allThe streets were all over with people.
gladI was glad over the new development.
unequalThe distribution of wealth was unequal over different regions.
smoothHe hoped to smooth over the ongoing tensions between the two departments.
andI looked all over and over but I couldn't find it.
takingThe virus is taking over the world.
doubleI had to double over from the intense pain in my stomach.
handingThe lawyer was handing over the documents to the judge.
sickI feel sick over the thought of going to work.
nosedThe boat nosed over and started going under.
continuousThe wallpaper pattern was continuous over the wall and the ceiling.
deadThe stock market has been dead over for months.
netThe fisherman cast his net over the side of the boat.
flyI love to fly over the mountains.
thinkI need some time to think over the situation.
stopWe will stop over in London on our way to Paris.
comeWould you like to come over for dinner this evening?
enthusiasticI'm so enthusiastic over going to the concert tonight!
flatThe flat over is available for rent.
wildThe crowd went wild over the band's performance.
failThe system is designed to fail over to the backup server in case of a primary server failure.
grossThe total sales gross over 1 million dollars.
sungThe old hymns were sung over and over during the service.
angryI'm so angry over the fact that I didn't get the promotion.
maleThe male over three ran in the yard.
oneThe doctor prescribed one over the counter medication.
moveMove over I'm taking over.
foldCould you fold over the paper?
variableThe variable over which an integral is taken is called the variable of integration.
sovereignGod is sovereign over all creation.
startLet's start over and pretend like it never happened.

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