Adjectives for Overhead

Adjectives For Overhead

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing overhead, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'overhead' can significantly alter the perception of a sentence, highlighting various aspects of cost and scope within business or daily contexts. 'High' and 'low' overheads paint a quick picture of financial health and budget considerations. An 'administrative' or 'variable' overhead, on the other hand, shifts focus to the nature and flexibility of these costs. Words like 'additional' can suggest unforeseen or extra expenses, while 'blue' introduces a creative, albeit less conventional, aspect to the term. Each adjective brings its unique shade of meaning, inviting readers to dive deeper into the intricacies of overhead costs and management. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives related to 'overhead' and the nuanced narratives they can create below.
highThe aircraft flew high overhead
lowThe company's low overhead contributed to its success.
administrativeThe company was able to reduce its administrative overhead by streamlining its processes.
additionalThe additional overhead costs were higher than anticipated.
blueThe sky was a clear blue overhead
variableThe production manager analyzed the changes in variable overhead costs over the past year.
generalThe general overhead for the project was estimated to be around 10%.
littleIt's a system with little overhead
significantThe project is experiencing significant overhead and is unlikely to meet its target goals.
computationalThe computational overhead for running this algorithm is very high.
extraThe extra overhead was too much for the project to handle.
totalThe total overhead for the project was 20% of the direct costs.
fixedThe fixed overhead costs remain unchanged regardless of the level of production
lessThe new system has less overhead
rightThe plane flew right overhead
straightThe plane was flying straight overhead
actualThe actual overhead costs of the new construction will be much higher than the original estimate.
lowerThe company has lower overhead due to its efficient operations.
muchThis project has much overhead
clearThe clear overhead allowed the pilot to see the ground below.
considerableThe cost of running this department would need to decrease its considerable overhead
unnecessaryThis software update includes unnecessary overhead
closeThe plane flew close overhead its engines roaring.
higherThe construction industry often has higher overhead costs than other industries.
minimalThe system operates with minimal overhead
brightThe sun shone bright overhead
corporateThe company has been able to reduce its corporate overhead by 10%.
timeThe script design has a time overhead of 15%.
heavyThe heavy overhead of the software made the system extremely slow.
archedThe canopy of trees arched overhead creating a cool and inviting shade.
excessive"The excessive overhead costs are cutting into our profits."
lightThe light overhead illuminated the room with a warm glow.
substantialThe project had substantial overhead due to the complexity of the design.
underappliedThe company incurred an underapplied overhead of $5,000 during the period.
thickThe dense foliage of the ancient oak cast a thick overhead creating an otherworldly atmosphere in the silent forest.
minimumThe application has a minimum overhead
hugeThe project has been plagued by huge overhead costs.
visibleThe visible overhead refers to the general expenses and allocations that are evident in the financial statements but not directly referenced.
cognitiveThe cognitive overhead of multitasking can lead to mistakes.
greenThe green overhead was covered in leaves.
cloudlessWith a cloudless overhead the sun beamed down on us relentlessly.
departmentalThis departmental overhead is excessive and should be reduced.
unabsorbedThe unabsorbed overhead is a cost that was not allocated to a specific job or product.
expensiveOur expensive overhead which is a major problem, is something we need to address.
slightThe work required only a slight overhead
enormousThe company has enormous overhead due to legacy systems.
grayGray overhead she went on.
brilliantThe brilliant overhead of the solar panel provides ample energy to power our cabin.
tremendousThe tremendous overhead was too much for the project to handle.
denseShe was surrounded by dense overhead trees and had to keep an eye out for branches.
bureaucraticThe levels of bureaucratic overhead posed a challenge to the proposed solution.
operationalThe company's operational overhead has increased significantly due to the rising costs of labor and materials.
relatedThe related overhead can be significant, so it is important to consider this when making decisions.
motionlessThe hawk hung motionless overhead
costlyThe company's costly overhead made it difficult to turn a profit.
indirectThe company's indirect overhead costs were significantly reduced due to automation.
absorbedThe company had to reduce its absorbed overhead costs.
reasonableThe new system has reasonable overhead so it should not slow down the computer.

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