Adjectives for Owners

Adjectives For Owners

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing owners, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe owners can significantly alter the perception of the narrative. A new owner implies fresh beginnings and potential changes, while a private owner suggests exclusivity and personal involvement. Meanwhile, many owners can indicate shared responsibilities or diverse opinions, and a former owner might introduce a sense of history or nostalgia. Describing owners as small could reflect on the scale of their ownership or personal touch, and original owners carry a legacy of initiation and originality. Each adjective paints a unique picture, revealing intricate details about the ownership's nature. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich the narrative of owners.
newThe new owners of the company are a group of investors.
privateThe museum is owned by private owners
manyThere were many owners of the business
formerThe former owners had taken good care of the house.
smallSmall owners often feel overwhelmed by the complexities of managing their finances.
originalThe original owners of the house had sold it long ago.
individualEach one of the individual owners has to pay its share of the taxes.
rightfulThe rightful owners of the property have not yet come forward.
mostBelow Deck workers wait for most owners to return to their superyachts.
presentThe present owners of the house have lived there for over 20 years.
largeThe housing market is dominated by large owners
respectiveThe respective owners of the cars could not be determined, due to lack of license plates.
jointThe property was owned by two joint owners John and Mary.
whiteThe plantation was owned by white owners
mineThe mine owners were concerned about the safety of the miners.
realThe real owners of the company have not yet been identified.
landThe land owners were not happy with the new regulations.
localThe local owners of the new bakery are excited to serve fresh bread and pastries every morning.
foreignThe number of foreign owners has increased drastically over the last two years.
riparianThe riparian owners along the river were concerned about the pollution.
wealthyNew cars were driven away by wealthy owners
currentThe current owners have decided to sell the house.
bigThe big owners of the company decided to sell their shares.
legalThe legal owners of the property were not present at the meeting.
britishThe British owners of the company were very pleased with the results.
partWe are part owners in a successful business.
traditionalThe traditional owners of the land are seeking compensation for the damage caused to their environment.
independentThe independent owners of the store were very friendly.
nonMany non owners expressed concerns about the new bill.
coalThe coal owners were worried about the increasing competition from oil.
largestThe largest owners of the company are institutional investors.
beneficialOwners who actually benefit from a property are called beneficial owners
southernThe southern owners were displeased with the tariffs.
propertyProperty owners are responsible for the upkeep of their properties.
copyrightThe copyright owners filed a lawsuit against the company.
principalThe principal owners of the company are John and Mary Smith.
homeHome owners can enjoy tax breaks and other benefits.
soleThey are the sole owners of the company.
prospectiveThe prospective owners were eager to view the property.
successiveThe house had several successive owners before it was finally sold.
subsequentThe antique car had passed through the hands of several subsequent owners
adjacentAdjacent owners have the right to file a partition lawsuit to divide jointly owned property.
proudThe proud owners of the beautiful new home were thrilled to show it off.
potentialThe real estate agent showed the house to potential owners
lawfulThe captain asked the authorities to identify the lawful owners of the ship.
legitimateThe legitimate owners of the stolen artifacts have yet to be identified.
chineseThe chinese owners of the company were very friendly.
maleThe male owners of the company were all very successful.
petPet owners should make sure their animals are vaccinated.
residentResident owners have a vested interest in the community.
multipleThe house had multiple owners over the centuries.
registeredThe registered owners of the vehicle are John and Mary Smith.
capitalistCapitalist owners profited handsomely from the boom.
contentContent owners are those who hold the rights to creative works.
ultimateThe ultimate owners of the company are a group of private investors.

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