Adjectives for Ownership

Adjectives For Ownership

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing ownership, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe ownership can significantly alter the nuance of a sentence, offering clarity and specificity. For instance, private ownership emphasizes personal control and exclusivity, while public ownership suggests assets are held by the community or government. Foreign ownership indicates that the control lies outside of the local or national jurisdiction, adding layers of complexity or external influence. Meanwhile, individual ownership highlights personal acquisition, in contrast to municipal ownership where local governmental bodies hold the reins. Common ownership, on the other hand, suggests shared control or usage among a group. Explore the full spectrum and nuances of adjectives used with the noun 'ownership' below.
privateThe company's private ownership has been a major factor in its success.
publicThe public ownership of utilities has been a contentious issue for decades.
foreignMany countries have restrictions on foreign ownership of land.
individualPersonal property refers to the individual ownership of material goods.
municipalThere has been growing support for municipal ownership of essential services.
commonThe idea of common ownership has been around for centuries.
jointThe house is under joint ownership of the couple.
collectiveThe collective ownership of the farm allowed all the workers to share in the profits.
fullI hereby grant you full ownership of this property.
communalThe communal ownership of land in this village has been a tradition for centuries.
legalThe legal ownership of the property was transferred to the new owner.
corporateThe corporate ownership of the business was transferred to a new holding company.
absoluteShe was given absolute ownership of the property.
localThe local ownership of the business has been a key factor in its success.
directThe team has direct ownership over its projects
nationalThe national ownership of the country's natural resources is a source of great pride.
personalShe is very particular about her personal ownership of things.
completeThe company transferred complete ownership of the property to the new owners.
exclusiveThe company has exclusive ownership of the patent.
actualThe actual ownership of the property is not clear.
beneficialThe beneficial ownership of the company is held by a trust.
soleThe company is under the sole ownership of a single individual.
widespreadThe widespread ownership of firearms in the United States is a source of great debate.
socialistThe socialist ownership of the means of production is a fundamental principle of Marxism.
federalThe Chief Financial Officer (CFO) must ensure federal ownership and control over direct federal loans previously written-off.
crossThe cross ownership of media companies and political parties is a concern for democracy.
cooperativeThe cooperative ownership structure allowed each member to have a say in the decision-making process.
partialWe have partial ownership of the company and are looking to sell our shares.
concentratedThe company's shares are held in concentrated ownership with a small number of shareholders controlling a majority of the voting rights.
outrightJohn has outright ownership of the car.
separateThe condominium units had separate ownership each with their own deed.
multipleThe land is under multiple ownership
ultimateThe ultimate ownership of the property lies with the government.
landLand ownership in the United States is governed by a complex set of laws.
selfSelf ownership involves the freedom and control of your body, mind, and actions.
homeHome ownership is not just about having a roof over your head, it's about building a future.
sharedThe company offered employees shared ownership of the business.
institutionalInstitutional ownership of the company's shares has increased in recent months.
stateThe government's policy of state ownership has led to a decline in economic efficiency.
tribalThe tribal ownership of the land was disputed by the government.
mixedThe company has a mixed ownership structure, with both private and public shareholders.
governmentalThe governmental ownership of healthcare ensures equitable access to medical services for all citizens.
rightfulThe rightful ownership of the property belongs to the original owners.
permanentThe permanent ownership of the property was transferred to the new owner.
equitableThe trust retains equitable ownership of the property for the benefit of its beneficiaries.
alienThe alien ownership of land in the United States is a controversial topic.
operativeThe operative ownership of the company was transferred to the new shareholders.
dualThe company's dual ownership structure allowed for both private and public investment.
canadianThe company is under Canadian ownership since 2018.
scaleThe company's scale ownership of the plant allows them to increase or decrease production levels quickly.
managerialThe firm had a high level of managerial ownership which meant that the managers had a significant financial stake in the company.
continuedThe company announced its continued ownership of the subsidiary.
widerThe company is now publicly traded, allowing for wider ownership
reputedThe company's reputed ownership of the project has led to increased investment.
indirectThe bank had indirect ownership of the company through its holdings in a trust.
constructiveThe constructive ownership rules apply to all holders of a security.
copyrightThe copyright ownership is held by the author.
feudalLord John's feudal ownership of the village ensured his control over the land and its people.

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