Adjectives for Oxford

Adjectives For Oxford

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing oxford, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'Oxford' can evoke a wide range of images and associations, influenced heavily by the adjectives paired with it. 'York Oxford' might conjure thoughts of specific geographic relations or historical contexts, while 'old Oxford' and 'young Oxford' reflect contrasting eras or sentiments tied to tradition and innovation. The addition of 'century,' 'new,' and 'modern' further nuances these interpretations, hinting at specific time periods or attitudes towards progress and the contemporary. Each adjective, when attached to 'Oxford,' not only modifies but also enriches our understanding, inviting us to explore the layers of meaning these combinations might reveal. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives most often used with 'Oxford' below, and delve into the intricate melding of history and modernity they represent.
yorkThe classic york oxford has been a staple in men's footwear for centuries.
oldI'm going to the old oxford library.
youngYoung oxford is a private research university located in Oxford, England.
centuryI found a copy of the century oxford in the library.
newMy new oxford dictionary is on the table.
modernModern Oxfords are a versatile footwear.
medievalThe medieval oxford has been a center of learning for centuries.
mediaevalStudents at mediaeval oxford studied astronomy, geometry and philosophy.
belovedI wore my beloved oxford shoes to the party.
northThe vibrant streets of North oxford bustle with students and academics.
earlyOnce upon a time, I went to early oxford Oxford to study.
poorThe poor oxford student was living on a shoestring budget.
whiteShe wore a white oxford shirt that was tucked into her jeans.
centralThe central oxford building has been converted into a hotel with 150 rooms.
contemporaryThe contemporary oxford English dictionary is considered the standard for the English language.
nobleThe noble oxford shoes gleamed in the light.
clarendonI ordered a copy of the Clarendon oxford Shakespeare from the bookstore.
blueShe looked lovely in her blue oxford shirt and white pants.
academicHe wore an academic oxford with a white shirt.
bestThe best oxford is the one that fits you the most.
nearbyThe nearby oxford college is one of the most prestigious in the world.
ancientAncient oxford still shows Norman and medieval remains in the city's walls and castle.
nearThe village of Stanton Harcourt is situated near oxford
unreformedThe older style of spelling and pronunciation is called Unreformed oxford
eastThe shop is located in east oxford
conservativeHe wore a conservative oxford to the meeting.
generousThe generous oxford magnate gave $5000 to the local school.
postThe post oxford day examination will start from next month.
wartimeIn wartime oxford students drilled in uniform for the Officers Training Corps.
downHe walked down oxford Street.
undergraduateThe young scholars had a fervent dream of studying at the prestigious undergraduate oxford institution.
preHe studied in pre oxford days.
etonThe young man wore a crisp white Eton oxford shirt to the interview.
eighteenthAn eighteenth oxford matriculation register was printed in 1811.
greeksI'm wearing my new Greeks oxford shoes.
impetuousThe impetuous oxford student ran through the streets, his long gown billowing behind him.
grayShe is wearing a gray oxford shirt.
loyalThe loyal oxford stayed by his master's side through thick and thin.
5thI went to the 5th oxford event last year.
continuedShe continued oxford without further incident.
galaxyThe galaxy oxford is a type of shoe that is popular among students and young adults.
beautifulThe woman wore a beautiful oxford shirt.
clericalI like the feel of a crisp white clerical oxford shirt.
nonMy shoes are non oxford
brownI wore my brown oxfords to the office.
famousFamous oxford is known for its prestigious university, rich history, and beautiful architecture.
kingswoodKingswood oxford is a private, coeducational college preparatory school in West Hartford, Connecticut.
reformedHe was a reformed oxford man, who had gambled all his money away.
2ndI'll be at the 2nd oxford Road on the right.
4thI saw the 4th oxford today.
postwarThe postwar oxford intelligentsia experienced a period of cultural ferment.
valiantThe valiant oxford don battled against insurmountable odds to discover the cure for the enigmatic disease.
classicHer wardrobe consisted of a classic oxford shirt and a tailored skirt.
microscopyMicroscopy oxford is a leading provider of microscopy equipment and services.
favouriteMy favourite oxford is the one that is comfortable and looks good.
grandThe professor wore a grand oxford shirt and tweed jacket to the lecture.

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