Adjectives for Package

Adjectives For Package

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing package, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective to describe a 'package' can significantly alter the conveyed message, highlighting not just its physical size, but also its impact or value. Descriptors like 'small' emphasize its dimensions, potentially hinting at a personal, intimate gift. 'Financial' shifts the context to economic discussions, making the 'package' a subject of fiscal analysis or anticipation. Words like 'average,' 'whole,' and 'total' invite considerations of comprehensiveness or completeness, suggesting a sum of parts or an overarching assessment. 'Complete' punctuates the notion of finality and sufficiency. Each choice nuances understanding, guiding the audience towards a specific interpretation. For a comprehensive insight, explore the full array of adjectives linked with 'package' below.
smallShe received a small package in the mail.
financialThe company offered a financial package that included a signing bonus and a stock option.
averageThe average package weight was 10 pounds.
wholeThe whole package arrived on time.
totalHe is the total package with a great personality and a handsome face.
completeShe is the complete package beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate.
singleThe single package arrived yesterday.
entireI was so impressed with the entire package that I bought it on the spot.
littleShe opened the little package and found a beautiful necklace inside.
statisticalResearchers used a statistical package to analyze the data.
standardThe standard package includes a one-year warranty.
comprehensiveThe accounting department has a comprehensive package of services for their clients.
basicThe basic package includes a limited number of features.
integratedThe new software features an integrated package of productivity tools.
originalThe original package arrived at the warehouse last week.
neatThe gift came in a neat package
economicThe government unveiled an economic package to help struggling businesses.
undergraduateI am applying for the undergraduate package and I am very excited about the opportunity to study at your university.
overallI am very happy with the overall package
fullHe's the full package handsome, intelligent, and charming.
commercialThe commercial package comes with a one-year warranty.
attractiveThe new job opening offers an attractive package of benefits.
finalThe final package was delivered to the customer.
bigI received a big package in the mail this morning.
ounceI used an ounce package of yeast to make enough mead for the whole town.
largerThe larger package was shipped yesterday.
pinThe pin package includes a header file, a library file, and a documentation file.
lineHave you checked the line package?
sealedI received a sealed package in the mail today.
legislativeThe legislative package includes a range of measures aimed at improving the efficiency of the public sector.
separateThe new product will come in a separate package
flatI found it much easier to assemble the furniture when it came in a flat package
typicalShe received a typical package with presents from her family.
basedThe based package provides basic data structures like lists, dictionaries, and arbitrary precision arithmetic.
plasticThe plastic package contained small toys.
genericThe generic package provides core functionality commonly used by other packages.
niceThe delivery guy handed me a nice package
popularThe popular package was delivered to Alice yesterday.
brownThe brown package was left on the doorstep.
bulkyHe received a bulky package in the mail.
generousThe company offered a generous package of benefits to its employees.
poundThe pound package was delivered to my doorstep this morning.
dualThe dual package includes a book and a DVD.
complexThe complex package was delivered to the wrong address.
smallerI prefer the smaller package because it is easier to carry.
electronicThe electronic package was carefully designed to meet the stringent requirements of the application.
instructionalI will email you the instructional package with all the information you need.
availableWe offer a wide range of available packages to suit your needs.
ceramicThe ceramic package protects the electronic components from the outside environment.
coherentThe coherent package of reforms was designed to address the systemic issues within the organization.
sterileThe glass bottle was sealed in a sterile package
compactThe slim design makes it an attractive and convenient compact package
minimumIt includes a minimum package of software and hardware components.
fiscalThe fiscal package included tax cuts and infrastructure spending.
tinyI received a tiny package in the mail today.
hugeThe huge package arrived at the doorstep.
interactiveThe interactive package provided an immersive experience for users to engage with the content.
mysteriousI received a mysterious package in the mail today.
suitableThe tour operator offers various suitable packages to cater to different budgets and interests.
processingThe processing package is used to work with data in Python.
optionalThe optional package includes a variety of features that can enhance your experience.
dayI booked a day package at the spa for a relaxing afternoon.
convenientI prefer the convenient package because it is easy to carry.
preciousShe carefully unwrapped the precious package eager to see what treasure lay within.
technologicalThe technological package includes hardware, software, and documentation.

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