Adjectives for Page

Adjectives For Page

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing page, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a page can significantly alter the narrative or information being conveyed. Whether it's the next page in a thrilling novel, the first page of a new chapter in life, the front page of a major newspaper, the opposite page reflecting a mirror image, or the last page marking an end, each adjective opens a new dimension of interpretation. Even the printed page holds its charm in the digital age, reminding us of the tactile pleasure of reading. Every adjective used with 'page' unleashes a world of nuances and perspectives. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives to discover the myriad ways they can enhance your narratives or descriptions.
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firstTurn to the first page of the book.
frontThe story made the front page of the newspaper.
oppositeThe table of contents is on the opposite page
lastI had no other book to read, so I was on the last page of the only book I had.
printedSarah read a printed page from a book.
sameWe are all on the same page about this decision.
previousYou can reach the previous page by clicking the
singleThe single page contains all the information you need.
fullThe full page was covered in writing.
secondI'll be back on the second page
blankThe blank page stared back at me, inviting me to fill it with my words.
editorialThe editorial page often reflects the opinions of the newspaper's editors or owners.
htmlThe HTML page contained the information I needed.
wholeHer handwriting sprawled across the whole page
titleThe title page of the book was beautifully designed.
mainThe main page of the website is very informative.
entireThe entire page was filled with beautiful drawings.
currentPlease move on to the current page for a better result.
separateThe files are on a separate page
handThe hand page for the command is well-written and easy to follow.
finalI turned the final page of the book with a sense of satisfaction.
thirdTurn to the third page of the book.
backHe flipped to the back page of the newspaper.
laterHe added a post note to himself to look up the reference on a later page
fourthThe fourth page of the book was missing.
insideThere was an inside page torn out of the book.
manualThe manual page for the command is very helpful.
doubleI love flipping through the double page spreads in this book.
subsequentThe subsequent page contains additional information.
seePlease see page 10 for more information.
sdsThe SDS page analysis revealed multiple protein bands.
copyrightVerify the copyright page of the book for more details.
sacredThe sacred page was filled with wisdom and guidance.
topThe top page of the website had a lot of useful information.
contentsThe contents page is located at the front of the book.
dullThe dull page sat on the table, doing nothing.
contentThe content page is a summary of the main points of the document.
cleanThe crisp, clean page beckoned me to begin my literary journey.
twoThe document is two page long.
fourShe read four page of the novel.
unnumberedThere was an unnumbered page in the book.
historicThe book has many historic pages.
writtenHer tiny, frail fingers traced the ancient symbols written page
welcomeThe welcome page of the website was very informative.
staticThe developer created a static page with HTML and CSS.
fifthGo to the fifth page of the document.
typedShe had typed page after page of notes.
gloriousThe book's glorious page turned a new chapter in literature.

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