Adjectives for Pain

Adjectives For Pain

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing pain, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'pain' can evoke a multitude of feelings, deeply affecting the reader's empathy and understanding depending on its described intensity and nature. Using adjectives like 'abdominal' specifies the location, making the sensation more tangible, while 'severe' and 'acute' escalate the urgency or intensity, pulling at the heartstrings. 'Chronic' introduces a sense of enduring struggle, and 'great' or 'much' pain highlights the overwhelming aspect of the experience. Each adjective nuances the experience of pain, offering a spectrum of emotion and physicality that can deeply impact narrative and comprehension. Explore the full list of adjectives to find the perfect descriptor for your narrative.
abdominalShe suffered from abdominal pain for a long time.
severeHer severe pain in the leg prevented her from walking.
chronicThe throbbing chronic pain in my back made it hard to stand for long periods.
greatThe accident victim was in great pain
muchShe had endured so much pain that she could hardly move.
acuteThe throbbing acute pain in his chest made it difficult to breathe.
physicalThe physical pain was unbearable.
sharpA sharp pain shot through her leg.
moreThe news brought her more pain than relief.
intenseHer head pounded with intense pain
backShe went to the hospital complaining of back pain
jointHer joint pain was so severe that she had difficulty walking.
dullThe dull pain that lingered in my arm was a constant reminder of the injury.
postoperativePostoperative pain can be effectively managed with a combination of oral and parenteral medications.
emotionalThe emotional pain was unbearable.
excruciatingThe excruciating pain shot through his leg like a bolt of lightning.
neuropathicNeuropathic pain is a chronic pain condition that affects the nerves.
lowerThe painkiller helped him lower pain
persistentI've been experiencing persistent pain in my back for months now.
suddenThe sudden pain in his chest made him gasp.
constantI've been experiencing constant pain for the past few months.
considerableThe diver experienced considerable pain after hitting the water from such a great height.
epigastricThe patient experienced severe epigastric pain after eating spicy food.
lessThe surgery was successful, resulting in less pain for the patient.
terribleHe suffered terrible pain during that time.
facialI suffer from facial pain caused by a sinus infection.
deepThe deep pain in her chest made her gasp for air.
extremeThe extreme pain shot through his body, leaving him writhing in agony.
intractableThe patient suffered from intractable pain in their lower back.
violentMy heart was throbbing with a violent pain beyond imagination.
chestThe patient complained of sharp chest pain
pleuriticThe pleuritic pain in his chest made it difficult to breathe.
recurrentThe recurrent pain in his arms and legs made him wince every time he moved.
upperI'm having upper pain and nausea.
visceralThe visceral pain caused by the appendicitis was excruciating.
slightThe slight pain in his leg was a constant reminder of his accident.
mentalThe mental pain he suffered was unbearable.
moderateThe patient reported moderate pain in the affected area.
mildI woke up with mild pain in my back.
colickyThe baby's colicky pain made her cry hysterically.
musculoskeletalMusculoskeletal pain is a common complaint among people of all ages.
unbearableShe had to endure the unbearable pain of losing her beloved dog to cancer.
myofascialMyofascial pain is a chronic condition that causes pain and stiffness in the muscles and fascia.
anginalHe was taken by ambulance to hospital with severe anginal pain on the left side of his chest.
unnecessaryHis unexpected death brought unnecessary pain to the family.
phantomThe phantom pain in his leg was a constant reminder of the trauma he had endured.
intermittentThe patient complained of intermittent pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen.
stomachI am suffering from severe stomach pain
agonizingThe agonizing pain shot through her body like a bolt of lightning.
intolerableThe passengers endured the intolerable pain of the cramped seats and restless legs.
cardiacThe cardiac pain made it difficult for him to breathe.
muscularThe muscular pain made it difficult for him to walk.
continuousShe suffered from continuous pain in her back.
psychologicalThe psychological pain caused him to withdraw from society.
psychicI endured years of psychic pain before finding solace in therapy.
neuralgicThe patient's neuralgic pain was so severe that it made it difficult to sleep.
excessiveThe excessive pain made it difficult to move.
radicularThe patient experienced severe radicular pain that radiated down his leg.
relatedI have a lot of related pain in my back.
atypicalHe suffered atypical pain in his arm due to the injury.
spontaneousMy spontaneous pain comes and goes.
unilateralThe patient reported unilateral pain on the left side of the abdomen.
lumbarHe had worsening lumbar pain following an injury to his lower back.
somaticThe somatic pain was excruciating.
ischemicIschemic pain can be relieved by rest or medications that improve blood flow.
bitterThe bitter pain seared through his body, a constant reminder of his past failures.
substernalThe patient experienced substernal pain that radiated to their left arm.
precordialThe patient experienced a sharp precordial pain that radiated to the left arm.
sciaticI've been experiencing sciatic pain down my leg for the past few days.
vagueShe suffered from vague pain in her abdomen.
diffuseThe patient was experiencing diffuse pain throughout their body.
spinalI suffer from spinal pain that radiates down my leg.
psychogenicPsychogenic pain such as that caused by fibromyalgia, is often difficult to diagnose and treat.
crampyI woke up with a crampy pain in my stomach.

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