Adjectives for Panel

Adjectives For Panel

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing panel, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The noun panel can be described with various adjectives, each bringing its unique nuance. Descriptors like left, right, lower, and upper specify orientation and position, altering how a reader or viewer understands the spatial relationship within a context. The adjective top emphasizes superiority or position, whereas front denotes prominence or forwardness. These subtle differences highlight the importance of precision in language, showcasing how even seemingly simple adjectives can greatly impact interpretation. Discover the full array of adjectives associated with panel and explore the intricate nuances each one introduces.
leftThe left panel of the window was cracked.
lowerThe lower panel of the window was damaged.
rightSelect the icons in the right panel
upperHer gaze settled on the upper panel of the altarpiece.
topThe top panel of the cabinet was covered with dust.
frontThe front panel of the computer is where the buttons and ports are located.
bottomI turned the air-conditioning off, but the bottom panel wouldn't stay shut.
centralThe central panel of the triptych shows the Virgin Mary sitting on a throne with the infant Jesus on her lap.
secondThe second panel of the triptych depicted the crucifixion.
middleThe middle panel of the triptych depicted a serene landscape.
handThe pilot adjusted the throttle lever on the hand panel
mainThe main panel of the television was black.
expertThe expert panel agreed to publish the preliminary findings by the end of the month.
thirdLook at the third panel of this masterpiece.
singleThe single panel window offered a clear view of the city.
rearThe rear panel of the computer has several ports.
advisoryThe advisory panel will meet next week to discuss the proposed changes.
solarThe solar panel was installed on the roof of the house.
woodenThe wooden panel on the wall had a beautiful carved design.
judgeThe judge panel consisted of three experienced legal professionals.
flatThe flat panel display provided a clear and crisp image.
entireThe entire panel was filled with a variety of interesting and informative graphs and charts.
centreThe centre panel of the screen showed a list of menu options.
rectangularThe rectangular panel was attached to the wall.
independentThe independent panel has not yet completed its investigation.
memberYou can access the member panel by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen.
secretThe spy crept through the secret panel in the wall.
libraryMy feet hang over the edge of the library panel as I read a book.
electricalI tripped the electrical panel when I plugged in the new appliance.
decorativeThe decorative panel on the wall added an elegant touch to the room.
historyThe history panel provides an overview of the changes made to a page.
verticalThe vertical panel was made of glass.
fourthThe fourth panel of the comic strip depicted a hilarious scene.
typicalThe typical panel will have six to eight members.
separateThe separate panel ensures that the two circuits are electrically isolated from each other.
innerTaking a look at its inner panel the design is quite intricate.
instrumentThe pilot scanned the instrument panel checking the readings.
interiorThe interior panel of the car was made of a high-quality material.
narrowThe narrow panel on the wall displayed a faded painting.
carvedIn the entryway, we have the family heirlooms on display, including a carved panel from great-grandfather's armoire.
distinguishedThe distinguished panel will be discussing the future of artificial intelligence.
outerThe outer panel of the door was dented in the accident.
ribbonThe ribbon panel has been updated with new features.
blueThe blue panel on the wall was a beautiful shade of cerulean.
compositeThe composite panel was lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use in various applications.
createThe software can create panel and automate the process of panel testing.
concreteThe concrete panel was poured and left to cure for 28 days.
circularHe walked up to the circular panel and pressed the button.
horizontalThe horizontal panel was easy to install and looks great.
removableThe worker removed the removable panel on the machine.
backThe back panel of the TV has all the necessary ports.
lowestWe can customize the bottom of a window using the lowest panel
manThe man panel on the window was cracked.
thickThe thick panel blocked out most of the light.
appellateThe appellate panel reversed the lower court's decision.
shaped"The shaped panel was cut and sanded to perfection."
glassThe glass panel was shattered into a thousand pieces.
recessedThe cabinet has a recessed panel on the door.
adjacentThe adjacent panel is a solid red color.
ovalThe oval panel on the side of the plane was dented.

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