Adjectives for Paperback

Adjectives For Paperback

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing paperback, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a paperback can significantly affect the image it conveys. A small paperback might be perceived as cute and portable, perfect for travel, while a first edition suggests rarity and value to collectors. The feel of turning the page of a paperback evokes a tactile pleasure that e-books can't replicate. Describing a paperback as little often endears it to readers, highlighting its coziness and ease of handling. An inexpensive paperback appeals to budget-conscious readers, offering access to the world of literature without a hefty price tag. Conversely, a vintage paperback carries the allure of history and nostalgia, inviting readers to own a piece of the past. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover more nuances that these carefully selected words can bring to your understanding of paperbacks.
smallHe pulled a small paperback out of his backpack.
firstI bought the first paperback edition of the book.
pageI bought a page paperback book at the store the other day.
littleThe little paperback was stuffed with knowledge.
inexpensiveHe only buys inexpensive paperbacks.
vintageThe forgotten vintage paperback was tucked away in the back of the dusty bookshelf.
cheapThe cheap paperback didn't last long in his backpack.
originalHe brought home an original paperback edition of the novel.
thickI placed the thick paperback on the shelf.
slimI picked up the slim paperback from the shelf and began to read.
shortI found a fascinating short paperback tucked away in the bookstore.
oldI found an old paperback in the attic.
largeI bought a large paperback book at the bookstore.
popularHe found himself popular paperback
massI bought a mass paperback edition of the book.
earedThe old eared paperback had yellowed pages and a cracked spine.
thinShe read the thin paperback on the train.
britishShe eagerly flipped through the pages of a well-worn British paperback
penguinI love reading penguin paperbacks.
americanThe American paperback novel was born in 1939 with the publication of "Gone with the Wind".
sellingI'm selling paperback books at a discount.
thisI prefer this paperback to the other one.
excellentI was delighted to find an excellent paperback copy of my favorite novel at the used bookstore.
tatteredI picked up the tattered paperback and began to read.
modernHe grabbed his modern paperback and headed for the park.
scholasticI bought a scholastic paperback at the book fair.
fatI carried my fat paperback to every class.
volumeThe volume paperback was well-worn, with dog-eared pages and a cracked spine.
harvestI found a great used copy of that book in harvest paperback
pelicanI found a great deal on a pelican paperback edition of my favorite book.
usefulThe useful paperback provided me with valuable information.
recentI just bought a recent paperback edition of my favorite novel.
sizedThe book was a small-sized paperback.
briefShe handed him a brief paperback about the history of the city.
batteredHe pulled a battered paperback out of his bag and flipped through the pages.
handyShe slipped a handy paperback into her purse.
centJohn always had a few cent paperbacks in his bag.
latestI can't wait to get my hands on the latest paperback by my favorite author.
readableI prefer reading on my kindle, but sometimes a readable paperback is just what I need.
sizeThe size paperback of the book was convenient for reading on the go.
oversizedI can't believe you bought that oversized paperback it's huge!
wornHe flipped open the worn paperback its pages yellowed with age.
signetI love reading signet paperback books.
boundI prefer bound paperbacks to e-books.
averageThe average paperback book costs around 10 dollars.
1stI'm so excited to get my hands on the newly released 1st paperback edition!
largerI have chosen to display the larger paperback version.
galaxyHe was reading a galaxy paperback as he walked down the street.
slenderThe slender paperback was filled with her favorite poems.
usedI found a used paperback at the thrift store.
greenThe student read the green paperback book.
praegerShe reads a book from the Praeger paperback series.
collierHer final selection was a Sidney Sheldon collier paperback`
blueThe blue paperback had a torn cover.
availableThe book is now available paperback
abridgedI prefer the abridged paperback edition of that novel.
routledgeThe Routledge paperback is a great resource for students and scholars alike.
readI prefer to read paperback books.
compassThe librarian handed me the compass paperback
ballantineI found a first edition Ballantine paperback of The Lord of the Rings at a used bookstore.
luridSarah searched the shelf and pulled out a lurid paperback novel.
yellowThe yellow paperback lay forgotten on the bedside table.
coveredThe worn-out covered paperback had a dog-eared spine.
conciseThe concise paperback is a valuable resource for students.
pricedThe priced paperback was a great deal.
glossyThe protagonist, a young boy named Billy, found a glossy paperback book lying forgotten on the park bench.
oversizeAs I put the last of my books in the box, the oversize paperback wouldn't fit.
orientI picked up an orient paperback book at the bookstore.
dollarMy sister gave me a dollar paperback for my 13th birthday.
compactI picked up a compact paperback edition of the novel.
lookingI finally found the looking paperback in the used bookstore.
trashyThe trashy paperback novel was the perfect guilty pleasure for a lazy summer afternoon.

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