Adjectives for Papers

Adjectives For Papers

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing papers, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Selecting the right adjective to describe 'papers' can subtly change the reader's understanding or provoke different emotions. 'Many papers' suggests a substantial amount, possibly overwhelming, while 'several papers' indicates a more manageable collection. 'Daily papers' and 'local papers' imply regularity and geographical focus, appealing to routine and community interest. The use of 'original papers' emphasizes uniqueness and authenticity, appealing to those seeking new knowledge or insights. Each adjective choice frames the noun in a distinct light, hinting at the depth and specificity of experiences or items being discussed. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives related to 'papers' that can help refine your expression and enhance your descriptions.
otherI forgot my other papers at home.
manyShe had many papers to read.
severalI have several papers on my desk.
dailyI read the daily papers to stay informed about current events.
localI read the local papers every morning to stay informed about what's going on in my community.
originalThe museum is displaying the original papers that were used in the founding of the United States.
privateThe police confiscated his private papers during the raid.
importantKeep your important papers in a safe place.
scientificScientists frequently publish their findings in reputable scientific papers
variousWe have various papers to choose from.
personalI take good care of my personal papers
officialHe filled out the official papers and waited for his turn.
numerousI have read numerous papers on this topic.
recentScientists often rely on recent papers for background in their fields
occasionalThe conference featured several eminent historians who presented their occasional papers
englishI have to finish my English papers by tomorrow.
technicalI read three technical papers last night.
legalThe legal papers were filed at the courthouse.
necessaryI have all the necessary papers to apply for a passport.
valuableThe thieves made off with valuable papers and cash.
weeklyThe weekly papers were filled with stories of the town's latest events.
earlierI forgot my earlier papers in the office.
unpublishedShe spent hours pouring over unpublished papers in the library.
previousRefer to the previous papers for more detailed information.
miscellaneousThere were various books, and miscellaneous papers all over the table.
falseThe police found false papers in the suspect's apartment.
collectedThe collected papers discuss the history of the American civil rights movement.
presidentialThe presidential papers are housed in the National Archives.
britishThe British papers reported on the Prime Minister's speech.
frenchI read the french papers every morning.
germanI read the German papers every day.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary papers on the subject are voluminous enough to fill a good-sized library.
relevantThe publication of relevant papers has increased significantly in the past year.
interestingI have some interesting papers to show you.
selectedHe was asked to report on the selected papers
looseThe desk had loose papers strewn all over its surface.
anthropologicalThe professors examined the anthropological papers in order to prepare a lecture.
theoreticalI've been reading some theoretical papers on the subject.
relatedBarbara came across some related papers about the topic.
coloredThe teacher distributed colored papers to each student for the art project.
secretThe secret papers were hidden in a safe deposit box.
philosophicalJohn's philosophical papers explored the nature of existence and the meaning of life.
subsequentSubsequent papers were just as influential, but they also discussed the topic in a greater degree of detail.
excellentWe received several excellent papers for the conference.
academicI have read many academic papers on this topic.
provincialI diligently read the provincial papers to stay informed about local events.
printedThe students read the printed papers
scholarlyThe new AI system was able to read scholarly papers and summarize their findings.
democraticThe democratic papers were full of stories about the upcoming election.
comicI love reading the comic papers on Sundays.
coatedThe magazine uses coated papers to enhance the quality of its images.
funnyMy grandfather always enjoys reading the funny papers
liberalI read about it in the liberal papers
diplomaticShe stole diplomatic papers from the embassy.
wallShe put up new wall papers in the living room last weekend.
scatteredThe scattered papers covered the floor like a forgotten memory.

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