Adjectives for Parent

Adjectives For Parent

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing parent, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a parent can significantly alter the perception and emphasis of your sentence. For instance, a single parent evokes a sense of independence and possibly struggle, while a good parent suggests nurturing and positive upbringing qualities. A custodial parent underlines the legal and caregiving aspects, whereas a foster parent highlights a temporary, yet deeply impactful, relationship. Mentioning a male parent might invite discussions on traditional versus modern gender roles in parenting. Each adjective layers the noun with unique contexts and imagery, enriching the narrative around parenting. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with parent and explore the nuanced stories they tell.
singleThe single parent struggled to make ends meet.
otherThe other parent was not present at the meeting.
goodShe is a good parent who keeps close track of her childrens' activities.
custodialThe custodial parent is responsible for the day-to-day care of the child.
fosterThe foster parent provided a loving home for the child.
maleHe is a good male parent
femaleThe female parent of the child is a doctor.
biologicalI found my biological parents after many years of searching.
noncustodialThe noncustodial parent was granted visitation rights.
commonThis marketing element is shared across different storefronts of the same common parent
naturalShe had always considered her adoptive parents to be her natural parents.
adoptiveThe adoptive parents welcomed the child into their home with open arms.
absentThe absent parent had little contact with the child.
agedThe aged parent was unable to walk without assistance.
elderlyMy elderly parent is in need of assistance with daily living activities.
deceasedI was deeply saddened by the news of your deceased parent
affectedThe affected parent was not allowed to attend school.
alcoholicThe family struggled with the challenges posed by their alcoholic parent
fondThe fond parent lovingly embraced their child.
abusiveChildren of abusive parents need extra support.
betterMy husband is a better parent than I am.
indulgentThe indulgent parent spoiled their child with excessive gifts.
surrogateThe surrogate parent was thrilled to bring the baby into the world.
averageThe headmaster praised the average parent for their support.
loneThe lone parent struggled to make ends meet.
deadThe dead parent can still make a child love them.
belovedMy beloved parent is always there for me.
anxiousThe anxious parent watched their child closely as they played.
badThe bad parent neglected their child.
earthlyThe child looked up to his earthly parents for guidance.
maternalThe maternal parent of the child was present at the doctor's appointment.
christianThe christian parent was very strict with their child's education.
stepI've never had a step parent before.
responsibleBeing a responsible parent means providing for a child's physical and emotional well-being.
illMy ill parent needed help getting around.
angryThe angry parent stormed into the principal's office, demanding an explanation.
concernedThe concerned parent voiced her worries to the school principal.
proudThe proud parent beamed at their child's accomplishments.
dominantThe dominant parent allele is always expressed in the phenotype of the offspring.
bereavedThe bereaved parent grieved the loss of their child.
sternThe stern parent reprimanded their child for their misbehavior.
corporateThe company resold the business to its corporate parent
immediateThe immediate parent of the child is the biological or adoptive mother or father.
perfectI've never met a perfect parent but I know there are some out there.
prospectiveThe prospective parent attended the open house eagerly.
olderThe older parent had concerns about their child's education.
fruitfulThe fruitful parent was very proud of their child's accomplishments.
soleSarah is a sole parent living with her child in San Francisco.
divorcedMy divorced parent struggled to make ends meet.
dependentMy dependent parent is living with me now.
venerableThe venerable parent gave the best advice I have ever received.
sickI have to stay home today to take care of my sick parent
residentThe resident parent has primary custody of the child.
widowedThe widowed parent struggled to make ends meet.
recurrentThis recurrent parent is a proven sire for muscling and growth.
residentialThe residential parent is responsible for the child's well-being.
gayThe gay parent was happy to see his child succeed.
idealThe ideal parent is patient, loving, and supportive.
irateThe irate parent stormed into the principal's office, demanding an explanation.
classThe class parent organized a field trip to the zoo for the students.
nurturingThe child flourished thanks to the nurturing parent's love and care.
nonresidentialThe nonresidential parent was granted visitation rights on weekends.
schizophrenicMy schizophrenic parent struggled with delusions and hallucinations that made it difficult for me to understand them.
depressedThe depressed parent struggled to find joy in anything.

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