Adjectives for Parents

Adjectives For Parents

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing parents, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe parents can significantly alter the perception of the relationship or situation. Words like adoptive, foster, and single highlight the diverse structures and circumstances families may experience. Meanwhile, adjectives such as many and most can reflect the universal aspects of parenting, touching on the commonalities regardless of the particulars. The nuances introduced by these adjectives offer a richer, more detailed understanding of the parent-child dynamic. Explore the full spectrum of descriptors to capture the unique essence of parents in every context.
manyMany parents were there to watch their children perform in the school play.
adoptiveThe adoptive parents were overjoyed to finally have a child in their lives.
fosterJohn and Mary are foster parents to two young children.
mostMost parents want their children to be happy.
ownI live with my own parents
singleSingle parents are often faced with a challenging task of caring for their children alone.
biologicalI was adopted by my biological parents when I was a baby.
poorThe poor parents struggled to make ends meet.
classThe class parents organized a fundraiser for the new playground equipment.
naturalShe was adopted in infancy but wanted to find her natural parents
americanAmerican parents care deeply about their children's education.
elderlyMy elderly parents need some help around the house.
agedShe takes care of her aged parents
immigrantThe immigrant parents were proud of their son's accomplishment.
prospectiveThe prospective parents were overjoyed to learn they were expecting twins.
whiteThe white parents looked at each other in concern.
blackBlack parents are often concerned about the safety of their children.
dearDear parents I am writing to you today to share some exciting news!
divorcedThe children of divorced parents often have to deal with the emotional and practical challenges of living in two separate households.
loneLone parents often face significant challenges in raising their children.
wealthyThe wealthy parents decided to give their son a generous allowance.
olderThe children of older parents are more likely to develop certain health conditions.
christianThe christian parents were very proud of their son's accomplishments.
bereavedThe bereaved parents were comforted by the support of their friends.
anxiousThe anxious parents waited for news of their child's surgery.
deafThe deaf parents communicated with their children using sign language.
gayThe gay parents were overjoyed to welcome their new baby into the world.
proudThe proud parents beamed with joy as they watched their son graduate with honors.
chineseChinese parents are known for their high expectations and strict discipline.
indianIndian parents are strict with their children.
grandMy grand parents are visiting me this weekend.
expectantThe expectant parents were overjoyed to welcome their new baby into the world.
richThe spoiled child of rich parents flaunted their wealth.
irishI'm so proud of my Irish parents for raising me to be the person I am today.
piousThe pious parents took their children to church every Sunday.
deadI went to the funeral of my dead parents
incomeThe income parents earn is used to support their families.
potentialThere are several potential parents who are eager to adopt the child.
concernedConcerned parents expressed their worries about the school's safety measures.
custodialThe grandparents helped raise the children while the custodial parents worked.
fondThe fond parents gazed lovingly at their newborn baby.
deceasedShe was raised by her aunt and uncle after her deceased parents died in a car accident.
respectiveThe children introduced each other to their respective parents
stepI have two step parents my father's wife and my mother's husband.
healthyHealthy parents tend to raise healthy children.
earthlyWe were all brought up by our own earthly parents who taught us what they knew.
teenageTeenage parents can face many challenges.
unmarriedThe unmarried parents were facing many challenges in raising their child.
belovedMy beloved parents have always been there for me, through thick and thin.
nobleThe noble parents were proud of their child's accomplishments.
respectableHe was born into a wealthy family with respectable parents
asianDespite being successful in academics, Asian parents still expect more from their children.
dependentThe elderly man had to take care of his dependent parents
depressedThe depressed parents struggled to cope with their daily lives.
educatedThe educated parents helped their children with their homework.
absentThe child longed for the love and guidance of absent parents
intelligentThe intelligent parents understood the intricacies of raising a child.
humbleThe humble parents raised their children with love and care.
angryThe angry parents stormed into the principal's office.
italianMy Italian parents love to cook pasta and meatballs.
indulgentThe kids were used to their indulgent parents giving them whatever they wanted.

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