Adjectives for Parish

Adjectives For Parish

Discover the most common adjectives for 'parish' used in English. From 'own' to 'whole,' and 'new' to 'same,' explore how these descriptive words paint a vivid picture of community life. Perfect for writers and learners looking to enhance their vocabulary.

ownHe was once a curate in his own parish
wholeHe had served in the whole parish for his entire life.
newI went to the new parish to meet the new priest.
sameThey are from the same parish
smallThe small parish church was a popular spot for weddings.
largeThe large parish had a population of over 10,000 people.
ruralThe rural parish was home to a small, close-knit community.
localVolunteers from the local parish helped to clean up the park.
neighbouringOn that occasion the repairs lay in the hands of the neighbouring parish
oldThe old parish church was built in the 12th century.
nextThe next parish has a lovely old church.
nativeI grew up in the native parish of my family.
separateThe separate parish of Lincluden was created in 1636.
singleThis is a church attended by parishioners from a single parish only.
particularIn that particular parish I believe, there is plenty of room.
catholicThe church is a catholic parish that has been in the community for over 100 years.
entireThe entire parish turned out for the annual festival.
civilThe church is situated at the south-western corner of the civil parish
poorThe rector had to go door to door begging for donations to help the poor parish
englishI visited a beautiful english parish with my family last summer.
ecclesiasticalThe ecclesiastical parish of St Mary's is located in the town of Reading.
neighboringThey also repaired the church in the neighboring parish
ancientThe ancient parish church of St. Peter's dates back to the 12th century.
presentI have been a member of this present parish for over 20 years.
formerHe decided to visit his former parish this weekend.
largerThe new provincial organization was to be divided into four larger parishes, of which Zurich was one.
urbanI grew up in an urban parish where the church was always a central part of the community.
remoteThe remote parish was nestled in a picturesque valley.
distinctThe distinct parish with its own mayor and council, has been in existence for over a century.
independentThe independent parish of Stanmore is situated in the London Borough of Harrow.
nearbyThe nearby parish is holding a fundraiser next week.
polishI attended the Polish parish's annual festival.
adjacentThe adjacent parish of Matherne was given to the Abbey of Keynsham in 1122.
largestThe largest parish in the United States is in Louisiana.
suburbanThe suburban parish is fairly quiet on weekdays.
populousThe populous parish was home to over a million people.
westThe west parish was the most devoted to the new pastor.
anglicanThe old Anglican parish church can be found at the heart of the town.
southThe committee decided to hold its meetings in the south parish of the church.
norwegianThe norwegian parish of Biri was established in 1848.
territorialThe territorial parish is a subdivision of a diocese.
vacantThe vacant parish was filled with a new priest.
quietHe spent his years in a quiet parish
oldestThe oldest parish in the United States is Mission San Agustin del Tucson.
irishThe Irish parish of Inishmaan is located on the Aran Islands.
northI live in the north parish of the town.
episcopalShe was not a member of an episcopal parish
italianThe church was built by members of the Italian parish
latterThe second year of high school is commonly known as the sophomore year and the latter parish usually begins at age 16.
distantShe had been summoned from a distant parish a place they had only heard rumors of.
agriculturalThe agricultural parish of St. James is located in the southern part of the state.
unitedThe united parish signifies a bonding of two previously separate church communities.
medievalThe medieval parish was a vital center of community life.
richThe rich parish held a fundraiser for a new community center.
vastCatherine was raised in the vast parish of Saint-Sulpice.
tinyThe tiny parish was home to only a handful of families.
wealthyThe wealthy parish has many amenities that the other parishes lack.
smallestThe smallest parish in the country is home to just over 100 people.
obscureHe was raised in an obscure parish in the countryside.
scatteredThe scattered parish had only a few hundred souls.
ethnicThe Irish immigrants established an ethnic parish that catered to their spiritual and social needs.
eastThe east parish of the town was largely unaffected by the earthquake.
classThe class parish is located in the heart of the city.
protestantThe church is a protestant parish
cityThe city parish has a long and rich history.

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