Adjectives for Parking

Adjectives For Parking

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing parking, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe parking can profoundly impact your message's clarity and effectiveness. 'Free parking' instantly conjures thoughts of accessible, no-cost spaces, a boon in urban areas. 'Street parking,' meanwhile, hints at convenience but also the potential challenge of finding a spot in busy locales. 'Ample parking' suggests a stress-free experience, indicating plenty of available spaces. 'Underground parking' might evoke a sense of security and protection from the elements, whereas 'adequate parking' signifies sufficient spaces but perhaps lacking in abundance. 'Limited parking,' on the other hand, alerts to possible restrictions or scarcity. Each adjective shades the noun with different expectations and experiences, coloring how we perceive a seemingly simple concept. For a deeper exploration, discover the full range of adjectives paired with 'parking' below.
freeThe mall offers free parking for customers.
streetI parked my car in the street parking
ampleWe went to a restaurant with ample parking
undergroundThe building has two levels of underground parking
adequateThe apartment complex boasts adequate parking spaces for its residents.
illegalHe received a fine for illegal parking
parallelI've been practicing parallel parking all week.
valetI parked my car at the valet parking and went inside the hotel.
termThe airport has designated several areas for term parking
publicThere is ample public parking available near the venue.
overnightThe parking lot had restricted overnight parking
doubleThe inconsiderate driver was ticketed for double parking
additionalI'm sorry, but I can't find any parking spaces with additional parking
secureI parked my car in a secure parking lot.
privateThere is private parking available for guests at this hotel.
moreThe new development will include more parking
siteTurn left after the site parking
convenientThe park has convenient parking for visitors.
accessibleThe accessible parking spaces are located near the entrance of the store.
easyThe restaurant had ample easy parking
safeThe police set up a safe parking area for the stranded motorists.
offstreetThe building offers ample offstreet parking
downtownDowntown parking spots often fill up during the afternoon.
handicappedThe handicapped parking spaces are located near the entrance.
availableThere is plenty of available parking nearby.
sufficientThe ample parking lot provides sufficient parking for all visitors.
inadequateThe shopping mall has inadequate parking for the number of shoppers.
indoorI love the indoor parking at this mall.
enoughThe mall has enough parking for all the shoppers.
curbsideI parked my car at the curbside parking spot.
dayI need to find a place for day parking
diagonalI parked my car in the diagonal parking spot.
complimentaryThe hotel offers complimentary parking for guests.
structuredThe building has structured parking for its tenants.
adjacentCan you tell me which spaces are adjacent parking to this spot?
attendantThe shopping center had three areas for attendant parking
coveredI'm looking for an apartment with covered parking
extensiveThe mall has extensive parking available for its customers.
pavedThe paved parking lot was crowded with cars.
roadRoad parking is available on both sides of the street.
levelCan you guide me to the level parking lot?
degreeI parked my car in a degree parking space.
temporaryThe airport had dedicated areas for temporary parking near the departure terminals.
residentialThe residential parking permit allows residents to park in designated areas for free.
roadsideWe stopped at a roadside parking to take a break from our long drive.
hourThere is a two hour parking limit on this street.
preferentialThe company offered preferential parking to its employees.
paidI was late for work because I had to circle the block for 20 minutes looking for paid parking
plentifulThis shopping mall has plentiful parking
alternativeDue to the construction, alternative parking is available on the side streets.
meteredI paid for two hours of metered parking
grade"Grade parking" gives students the closest spots based on how well their perform in class.
outdoorMy office has ample outdoor parking
alternateThere are alternate parking restrictions on this street.
extraSorry, there is no extra parking available.
disabledThere are three disabled parking spots near the entrance.
municipalThe municipal parking garage is located in the heart of downtown.
guardedMy car was safely parked in the guarded parking lot.
abundantThe conference center had abundant parking
insufficientWe were concerned about insufficient parking at the hotel.
remoteThe mall offered remote parking for shoppers who wanted to avoid the crowded lot.
daytimeThe daytime parking lot was full of cars.
angleThe angle parking spaces at the mall were difficult to navigate.
easierThe company moved to a new building which offered easier parking for staff.
preferredThe disabled parking spaces are reserved for those with preferred parking permits.
monthlyI'm looking for monthly parking in the downtown area.
timeI'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by 'time parking'. Can you please explain?
sideI prefer side parking because it's easier to get out of your car.
angledThe angled parking spaces made it easy to parallel park.
unlimitedThe downtown location provided patrons with unlimited parking
peripheralThe airport offers peripheral parking for a cheaper rate.

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