Adjectives for Part

Adjectives For Part

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing part, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'part' can significantly affect the nuance of your sentence. Using 'most' suggests a paramount piece above all others, while 'important' elevates its critical nature. 'Large' and 'greater' emphasize the size or value, distinguishing it from lesser segments. 'First' indicates sequence or prominence, and 'integral' emphasizes its necessity to the whole. Each adjective paints a unique aspect of 'part,' illustrating its significance or role differently. For a deeper understanding and to uncover the wide array of adjectives that can collocate with 'part,' explore the full list below.
mostFor the most part the weather has been good lately.
importantThe most important part of the project is the research.
largeJane's extensive collection of stamps makes up a large part of her estate's total worth.
greaterThe greater part of the book is devoted to the history of the company.
firstThat was only the first part of their journey.
integralBalancing our work and family is an integral part of our lives.
upperThe upper part of the building was damaged by the storm.
lowerThe lower part of the building was flooded.
secondThe second part of the sentence was written by an AI.
latterWe will get to know each other better in the latter part of the course.
smallJohn played a small part in the project.
earlyI usually go to bed in the early part of the night.
essentialThe roof is an essential part of a house.
majorHe took the major part in the discussion.
activeHe took an active part in the discussion.
onlyOnly part of the building was damaged by the fire.
northernThe northern part of the country is experiencing a severe drought.
southernThe southern part of the country is known for its warm climate.
centralThe central part of the city is always bustling with activity.
westernThe western part of the state is known for its beautiful mountains.
thirdMy third part was just a small piece of the puzzle.
easternWe went on a trip to the eastern part of the country.
considerableA considerable part of the population is still living in poverty.
bestMy best part of the day is waking up to your beautiful smile.
significantJobs played a significant part in the city's history.
betterHe devoted the better part of his day to writing letters.
prominentShe took a prominent part in the discussion.
largerCars take up a larger part of the urban landscape in Rome than people.
greatestThe greatest part of the day was spent reading.
vitalWater is a vital part of our lives.
necessaryThe necessary part of the machine was replaced.
posteriorThe posterior part of the head is called the occiput.
anteriorThe anterior part of the thigh is supplied by the femoral nerve.
earlierWe predicted the expansion in the earlier part of this year.
substantialThe substantial part of the project was completed on time.
principalThe principal part of a verb is its base form.
middleHer dark hair was parted down the middle part
fourthThe fourth part of the book was the most interesting.
difficultThe most difficult part of the puzzle was finding the missing piece.
largestThe largest part of our income was spent on housing.
worstThe worst part is that he didn't even apologize.
frontThe front part of the house was well-maintained.
outerThe outer part of the skin is a layer of dead cells.
backThe back part of the car was dented.
crucialThe crucial part of the project was the development of a new algorithm.
hardestFor me, the hardest part of the project was the debugging process.
conspicuousThe most conspicuous part of her outfit was the flamboyant hat.
minorThe minor part of the project was completed on time.
imaginaryThe imaginary part of a complex number is the part that is multiplied by the imaginary unit i.
lowestThe architect designed the lowest part of the building to be the basement.
tenthThe tenth part of the profit was donated to charity.
leastShe did not miss the least part of the concert.
distalThe distal part of the humerus is called the trochlea.
affectedThe doctor checked the affected part of the patient's leg.
indispensableThe team's success is due in large part to the indispensable part played by its captain.
northeasternThe northeastern part of the state is home to many lakes and forests.
fractionalThe fractional part of 3.14 is 0.14.
southeasternThe southeastern part of the state is experiencing heavy rainfall.
fifthThe fifth part of the project is now complete.
proximalThe tumor is located in the proximal part of the stomach.
southwesternThe southwestern part of the state is home to many Native American tribes.
deepestThe deepest part of the ocean is called the Mariana Trench.
northwesternThe northwestern part of the country is known for its beautiful scenery.
bottomThe bottom part of the tree was covered in moss.

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