Adjectives for Participation

Adjectives For Participation

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing participation, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Understanding the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'participation' can vastly alter its meaning and impact. Using 'active' participation emphasizes a hands-on, engaged approach, while 'political' participation underlines involvement in governance or policy-making. 'Public' participation suggests an open, community-based approach, contrasting with 'full' participation which denotes complete, uninhibited involvement. 'Direct' participation points to a personal, unmediated connection, and 'greater' participation indicates an increase in involvement or engagement levels. Each adjective not only modifies but also enriches our understanding of participation, providing depth to its context. Explore the full list of adjectives below to discover more about the intricate shades of meaning they bring to 'participation'.
activeThe students engaged in active participation during the class discussion.
politicalPolitical participation is the process of influencing government decisions and public policy.
publicPublic participation is essential for a healthy and vibrant democracy.
fullThe success of the project relies on the full participation of all team members.
directLocal residents took direct participation in the decision-making process.
greaterThe campaign saw greater participation from young people than ever before.
socialSocial participation is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life.
popularPopular participation is essential for the success of any project.
femaleThe female participation in the workforce has increased significantly in recent years.
democraticThe citizens of the country are actively involved in democratic participation
effectiveTheir effective participation in the project led to its successful completion.
localThe project was successful due to the local participation
foreignThe government is encouraging foreign participation in the development of the country's infrastructure.
privateThe government announced that private participation in the project would be encouraged.
equalAll members were given equal participation in the project.
nonHer non participation in the project was a disappointment to us all.
voluntaryVoluntary participation in the study is highly encouraged.
actualShe moved from a supporting role to actual participation in the decision-making process.
meaningfulTheir meaningful participation in the project was essential for its success.
civic"Civic participation" encompasses many forms and levels of citizen involvement in communal activities.
electoralElectoral participation is a fundamental aspect of democracy.
broadThe assembly welcomed broad participation of all its members.
limitedDue to limited participation the event was canceled.
widespreadCitizens' widespread participation contributed significantly to the overall success of the event.
widerA wider participation of citizens in political life is essential for a healthy democracy.
jointThe joint participation of all parties involved was crucial for the success of the project.
financialFinancial participation can potentially solve important problems for retirees.
massThe consultation showed a high rate of mass participation before the election.
federalFederal participation in the program is voluntary.
continuedHis continued participation is essential to the success of this venture.
maximumThe meeting encouraged maximum participation from all members.
extensiveThe company's extensive participation in the local community earned it a reputation for being a good corporate citizen.
formalI did not have any formal participation in the project.
successfulThe organization's successful participation in the project led to increased stakeholder engagement.
parentalParental participation is crucial for student success.
broaderThe broader participation of citizens in the decision-making process is essential for a democratic society.
genuineThe conference attendees valued genuine participation in the discussions.
maleThe need for male participation in the conversation was emphasized.
athleticHer athletic participation helped her develop a strong work ethic.
mutualThe project was a success due to the mutual participation of all members.
patientPatient participation is essential for improving healthcare outcomes.
legitimateThe company's success was due to the legitimate participation of all its stakeholders.
universalUniversal participation is essential for a truly democratic society.
enthusiasticTheir enthusiastic participation made the event a success.
encouragingThe program is designed to be flexible and encouraging participation from all stakeholders.
peripheralHer peripheral participation in the event was evident by her occasional glances and muted responses.
fullerThe school encourages fuller participation from all students.
feasibleThe feasible participation of all parties is an important factor to consider.
consciousHis conscious participation in the project ensured its success.
responsibleClarissa's responsible participation in the community was recognized by the mayor.
africanAfrican participation in the international community has increased significantly in recent years.
stakeholderThe project team will conduct detailed stakeholder participation for the project.
canadianThe Canadian participation in the competition was impressive this year.
organizationalEmployees can improve their skills and knowledge through organizational participation
collectiveThe project's success relied on the collective participation of the entire team.
substantialHer substantial participation in the project led to its award-winning success.
passiveThe students' passive participation in class caused the teacher to reconsider their teaching methods.
willingTo ensure willing participation the leader fostered an atmosphere of trust and respect.
intelligentThe company welcomed intelligent participation in the decision-making process.
communistThe elections saw a surge in communist participation

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