Adjectives for Partner

Adjectives For Partner

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing partner, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'partner' can significantly impact the perception of the relationship. Whether it's a 'senior partner' in a professional setting, indicating experience and leadership, or a 'new partner', suggesting a fresh start and potentially unexplored territory. The term 'sexual partner' conveys intimacy and personal connection, while a 'junior partner' might highlight a disparity in experience or knowledge. Descriptions like 'general partner' and 'male partner' provide specific insights into roles and gender dynamics. Each adjective brings its own set of nuances, enriching our understanding of the partnership dynamics. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used to describe partners and the rich meanings behind them below.
seniorThe senior partner of the law firm will be retiring next year.
juniorThe junior partner in the law firm was eager to prove himself.
generalThe general partner is responsible for managing the partnership's business.
formerMy former partner and I still keep in touch.
equalHe was an equal partner in the company.
femaleJohn is dating a female partner
limitedThe limited partner provided $1 million to the venture capital fund.
silentThe silent partner contributed financially but had no active role in the business.
activeThe active partner in the relationship was always making the decisions.
deceasedThe deceased partner's share of the property was distributed to their heirs.
potentialShe is a potential partner for the job.
fullHe is a full partner in the law firm.
dominantThe dominant partner in the relationship was always making the decisions.
foreignThe foreign partner praised the Chinese government for its efforts to improve air quality.
largest"Apple is the largest partner of Google."
majorShe is a major partner in her law firm.
maritalBrenda is my marital partner and we’ve been together for 20 years.
thirdThe third partner brought fresh ideas to the project.
suitableI am looking for a suitable partner to start a new business with.
idealMy ideal partner is someone who is kind, compassionate, and supportive.
willingI am looking for a willing partner to start a new business venture with.
strategicWe are proud to announce our new strategic partner
passiveJackson did not participate in the project as an active participant, he was rather a passive partner
prospectiveI'm excited to meet my prospective partner and start a new chapter in my life.
principalThe principal partner in the firm is responsible for the overall success of the business.
chineseWe are looking for a Chinese partner to help us with our expansion into the Chinese market.
futureI am excited to meet my future partner and share my life with them.
conversationalMy conversational partner and I discussed the latest news.
domesticJames and Michael have been domestic partners for over 10 years.
regularI met my regular partner at the gym three years ago.
jointOur company decided to hire a joint partner to help us with our expansion.
reliableThe company has been a reliable partner for over 10 years.
japaneseMy Japanese partner and I went to the store together.
youngerThis firm was known for hiring younger partners who were trained from the ground up.
infectedHis wife, his infected partner suffered greatly from the disease.
predominantThe predominant partner in this relationship is the one who takes the lead in most situations.
corporateOur corporate partner a leading technology firm, provided invaluable support for the project.
weakerAlthough the weaker partner is often at a disadvantage, there are ways to level the playing field.
attractiveShe sought an attractive partner
dormantThe dormant partner did not have any active role in the business.
faithfulMy loyal companion has been my faithful partner through thick and thin.
termMy term partner and I collaborated on a project.
timeI'm sorry, I cannot generate a sentence with the phrase "time partner." "Time partner" is not a commonly used expression.
foundingAs a founding partner of the firm, I have been involved in all aspects of its growth.
strongerShe became the stronger partner in the relationship.
soleHe was the sole partner of the company.

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