Adjectives for Partners

Adjectives For Partners

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing partners, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjectives to describe partners can significantly impact the perceived nature of the relationships they are involved in. Whether discussing sexual partners, referring to each other in a professional context, emphasizing the importance of being equal partners in a venture, considering potential partners for future collaborations, navigating social partnerships, or delineating the boundaries of limited partnerships, each adjective brings its own nuances. These descriptive words shape our understanding and expectations of the partnerships they describe. To explore the full spectrum of adjectives that can paint a more vivid picture of the multifaceted world of partners, view the list below.
otherWe work closely with our customers and other partners
equalWe are equal partners in this project.
potentialAcme Corp is looking for potential partners to help develop their new product.
socialOur company has held talks with labour union representatives, who act as our social partners on a number of important employee-related issues.
limitedI spoke to many investors, including limited partners to secure financing for my project.
multipleThe doctor advised against having multiple partners with the virus spreading.
foreignWe welcome collaborations with our foreign partners
majorOur major partners include Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.
generalWe consider all the general partners to be our friends.
maleThe study included 120 heterosexual couples with male partners
femaleThe two female partners shared a bottle of wine.
maritalThe marital partners filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage.
localWe are working with local partners to provide support to the community.
formerJohn and Mary were former partners in a successful business venture.
europeanWe are working with our European partners to address this issue.
juniorThe junior partners in the firm were eager to prove their worth.
individualIndividual partners ought to agree on their objectives and expectations for the partnership before starting it.
seniorThe senior partners in the firm have over 50 years of combined experience.
romanticI hope these romantic partners are happy together.
activeWith its active partners the organization was able to achieve its goals.
mainOur main partners are Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.
prospectiveThe company is actively seeking prospective partners for its latest venture.
internationalWe are working with our international partners to address this issue.
jointWe are joint partners in this venture.
strategicThird-party companies are often strategic partners in the implementation phase of a data security project.
principalThe principal partners in the joint venture are two leading construction companies.
externalWe worked with external partners to develop this product.
westernWe are committed to working with our Western partners to address these shared challenges.
silentThe investors were silent partners in the venture.
chineseThe company has many chinese partners
suitableAll users can set up to three suitable partners in their account.
conversationalThey are participating in a conversation as conversational partners
keyWe need to identify key partners for this project.
industrialWe work closely with industrial partners to bring our research to market.
heterosexualThe couple consisted of two heterosexual partners
corporateWe work closely with our corporate partners to develop innovative solutions.
regionalWe forged important partnerships with regional partners
japaneseWe worked closely with our Japanese partners to develop this product.
respectiveWe invited both of you and your respective partners to the anniversary.
relationalTom and Mary are relational partners
unmarriedThey were two unmarried partners who had been together for many years.
youngerIn recent times, the younger partners have been demanding more transparency and accountability.
fewerThere are fewer partners this year than last year.
outsideWe work with outside partners to provide our customers with the best possible service.
gayThe gay partners were happy to finally be able to marry.
reliableThey are considered one of the most reliable partners in the industry.

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