Adjectives for Parts

Adjectives For Parts

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing parts, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe parts can vastly alter the meaning of your sentence, highlighting the uniqueness, variety, or quantity. For instance, other parts suggest alternatives not yet considered, while different parts emphasize diversity within the components. Various parts indicate a range of types or categories, showcasing a spectrum of possibilities. When we talk about many parts, we're focusing on the quantity, suggesting a complexity or richness. Equal parts, on the other hand, bring a sense of balance and symmetry into the mix, and certain parts pinpoint specificity, adding clarity and focus. Each adjective opens up new dimensions of analysis and understanding. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that can be paired with 'parts' below.
otherI found other parts of the puzzle under the table.
differentThis robot is made of different parts
variousThe box contains various parts of a machine.
equalThe potion was a concoction of equal parts mystery and magic.
certainWith a lot of thought, he realized certain parts of his life were beyond repair.
severalThe tires were several parts of the project.
mostTheir home was in ruins, most parts of it destroyed by the fire.
spareThe mechanic had a box of spare parts in the trunk of his car.
lowerThe lower parts of the building were flooded.
upperThe upper parts of the face are the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids.
northernThe northern parts of the country are often cold in the winter.
softThe soft parts of the plant were easily damaged.
separateThe separate parts of the machine were assembled quickly.
essentialThe essential parts of the machine are the engine and the transmission.
distantThe distant parts of the world can seem closer when we connect with others.
southernThe southern parts of the country are known for their warm climate.
integralThe three pillars of the company's strategy are integral parts of its overall success.
centralThe central parts of the city are often the most crowded.
principalThe principal parts of a verb are the infinitive, the present participle, the past tense, and the past participle.
westernThe western parts of the country are known for their beautiful mountains.
remoteThe remote parts of the country were severely affected by the storm.
distinctThe table has four distinct parts the top, the bottom, the legs, and the sides.
easternThe eastern parts of the country are more densely populated than the western parts.
adjacentThe streets were lined with adjacent parts of land.
affectedHis affected parts were treated with the utmost caution.
deeperI looked inside and discovered deeper parts that I had never seen before.
smallerThe painting was made up of many smaller parts
vitalThe car's vital parts were checked by the mechanic.
innerThe inner parts of the machine were complex and intricate.
outerThe outer parts of the building were covered in scaffolding.
correspondingConnect the corresponding parts of the plant structure to their functions.
mechanicalThe robot's mechanical parts were gleaming in the sunlight.
uttermostSailors navigated by the sun, moon, and the stars for centuries to find the uttermost parts of the globe.
interiorThe interior parts of the building were in a state of disrepair.
relevantThe relevant parts of the report were highlighted.
interchangeableThe factory could produce many products because of its use of interchangeable parts
inwardAnger had taken possession of him, twirling him around like an impaled figure in its inward parts
fractionalThe fractional parts of the numbers were added together.
posteriorThe posterior parts of the brain are responsible for processing visual information.
peripheralThe peripheral parts of the machine were removed for maintenance.
unequalThe inheritance was divided into unequal parts
defectiveThe assembly line was shut down due to defective parts
remotestThe remotest parts of the world are often the most beautiful.
respectiveThe two halves of the cake were covered with icing on their respective parts
mountainousI like to hike in the mountainous parts of the country.
plasticWe use plastic parts in our products.
separatedA rose is a rose, even when its petals are separated parts
automotiveThe factory churns out high-quality automotive parts

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