Adjectives for Party

Adjectives For Party

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing party, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a party can significantly impact the perceived meaning, often hinting at its nature, ideology, or scale. For instance, a political party suggests a group organized for the purpose of achieving governmental power, whereas a third party introduces the concept of an alternative outside the conventional binaries, such as democratic or republican. Describing a party as communist instantly evokes a specific set of ideological principles. Meanwhile, the adjective whole can shift the context to inclusivity or completeness, emphasizing the unity or total attendance. Each adjective paints a unique color on the canvas of conversation, opening a world of nuances. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'party' below.
politicalThe political party campaigned on a platform of lower taxes and smaller government.
thirdThe third party was not involved in the negotiations.
democraticThe Democratic party is the oldest political party in the United States.
republicanThe Republican party is one of the two major political parties in the United States.
communistThe communist party of China has ruled the country for over 70 years.
wholeThe whole party was delighted to hear the news.
liberalThe Liberal party is a centre-right political party in Canada.
smallHe decided to have a small party to celebrate.
conservativeThe Conservative party is the largest political party in the United Kingdom.
whigThe Whig party was a political party in the United States from the 1830s to the 1850s.
nationalThe national party is holding its annual conference next week.
injuredThe injured party was awarded compensation for their losses.
singleThe single party ruled the country with an iron fist.
oppositeThe opposite party presented a strong argument.
dominantThe democratic party has been the dominant party in many states since the civil war ended in 1865.
strongThe team had a strong party after the game.
bigWe are having a big party at the park.
largestThe largest party in the parliament is the Conservative Party.
guiltyThe guilty party confessed their crime to the police.
parliamentaryThe parliamentary party meets every Monday for a vote.
toryThe tory party is a political party in the UK.
socialistThe socialist party is committed to fighting for the rights of the working class.
progressiveThe progressive party is a political party that advocates for social justice, economic equality, and environmental protection.
radicalThe radical party's candidate won the election.
interestedHe was an interested party in the company's affairs.
royalThe royal party dined on the finest cuisine.
adverseThe adverse party refused to sign the contract.
independentThe independent party's candidate won the election.
officialThe official party will meet at the airport at 10am.
aggrievedThe aggrieved party sought compensation for the damages incurred.
federalThe federal party has been in power for over 10 years.
moderateThe organization threw a moderate party with light snacks and drinks.
innocentThe innocent party must take precautions to protect its rights.
federalistThe Federalist party headed by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams, emerged as the dominant force in American politics during the 1790s.
irishThe lively Irish party reverberated with laughter and the rhythm of traditional jigs.
responsibleThe responsible party must be held accountable for their actions.
bridalThe bridal party wore matching black dresses and white bouquets.
securedThe secured party has a right to the collateral in the event of default.
protestantThe Protestant party in the Netherlands is called the Protestant Union.
wingThe chicken wing party was a huge success.
unitedThe united party celebrated their victory with great enthusiasm.
strongestThe strongest party won the election.
victoriousThe victorious party celebrated their triumph with a parade and fireworks.
antiWe decided to have an anti party where everyone was encouraged to stay home and relax.
strongerThe stronger party should be able to win the game.
neutralThe mediator acted as a neutral party in the dispute.
populistThe populist party's policies were designed to appeal to the common people.
aristocraticThe aristocratic party was held in a grand ballroom.
clericalThe clerical party is a political party that supports the role of religion in government.
charterThe charter party clearly outlined the terms of the agreement between the ship owner and the charterer.
labourThe Labour party is a political party in the United Kingdom.
presidentialThe presidential party arrived at the White House after the inauguration.
offendedThe offended party refused to forgive the transgressor.
pleasantWe had a very pleasant party last night.
offendingThe offending party was swiftly removed from the premises.

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