Adjectives for Pass

Adjectives For Pass

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing pass, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the context of 'pass' through various adjectives unveils fascinating nuances in communication. A 'first pass' suggests a pioneering attempt, infused with the thrill of new endeavors. When described as 'such,' it highlights an example, often implying exceptional or notable instances. The term 'narrow pass' conveys restriction and challenge, a path that demands precision and caution. A 'low pass' might evoke imagery of minimal margin or effort, sometimes hinting at underachievement. Conversely, a 'second pass' opens up discussions about revision and improvement, while a 'single pass' emphasizes uniqueness or limitation. Delve deeper into how these and other adjectives color the concept of 'pass,' shaping our understanding and expectations. Explore the full list of adjectives to uncover more intriguing combinations.
firstThe compiler performed the first pass of the program without any errors.
suchHer music held me in such pass till I heard the last.
narrowThe road narrowed into a narrow pass the cliffs towering on either side.
lowThe low pass filter is used to remove high-frequency noise from a signal.
secondIf you are ever stuck on a problem, it helps to always take a second pass
singleThis code is a single pass algorithm that iterates over the array only once.
highSorry, I don't have any sentences with 'high pass' in my knowledge base.
freeThe teacher gave the student a free pass on the homework assignment.
forwardThe quarterback dropped back and made a forward pass to the wide receiver.
nextI'll be there on the next pass
longHe made a long pass and the receiver caught it just before the end zone.
dayThe inmate was granted a day pass to visit his family.
yardThe quarterback threw a yard pass to the running back.
thirdThe output of the third pass was very good.
specialOur tour group was granted a special pass to visit the museum before its public opening hours.
prettyShe and her father were always at a pretty pass when he was home.
lightThe light passed through the window and illuminated the room.
finalThe final pass was made by the editor.
famousThe quarterback completed a famous pass in the final seconds of the game.
difficultHe carefully negotiated the difficult pass to avoid the treacherous currents.
footThe midfielder made a foot pass to the striker.
wiseShe made a wise pass on the opportunity to move to the big city.
quickThe quarterback made a quick pass to the wide receiver.
steepThe quarterback threw a steep pass over the middle of the field.
rockyThe rocky pass was treacherous and difficult to navigate.
dangerousThe quarterback threw a dangerous pass into the end zone.
backwardThe quarterback dropped back and threw a backward pass to the running back.
easyI got an easy pass in my exams this year.
doubleThe double pass through the distillation process removes any impurities.
latterHe preferred the latter pass because it was less crowded.
badThe quarterback made a bad pass resulting in an interception.
annualThe family purchased an annual pass to the amusement park.
wildThe wild pass was thrown off balance and forced to punt the ball away.
hourI waited long hours, patiently watching the hour pass by.
alpineThe hikers reached the alpine pass late in the afternoon.
southThe explorers decided to take the south pass through the mountains.
fourthAfter three passes, the receiver ran a fourth pass and scored a touchdown.
lowestThe player with the lowest pass percentage was benched.
strategicThe army secured the strategic pass to prevent the enemy from advancing further.
celebrated"The celebrated pass was successfully completed by the experienced climber."
ruggedThe explorers made their way through rugged pass after rugged pass their determination unwavering.
twoThe mechanic gave the car a two pass polish before returning it.
overheadThe midfielder made a fine overhead pass to his teammate.
incompleteThe quarterback's incomplete pass fell short of the receiver's reach.
desperateThe quarterback made a desperate pass downfield with only seconds remaining on the clock.
safeThe hiker showed his safe pass to the park ranger.
lateralThe running back took the lateral pass and ran towards the end zone.
monthlyI use the monthly pass to commute to work.

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