Adjectives for Past

Adjectives For Past

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing past, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Delving into the nuances of adjectives paired with the noun 'past' unveils a tapestry of temporal depth and personal connection. The adjective 'recent' suggests events that are still fresh in our memory, closely linked to the present moment. In contrast, 'distant' and 'remote' hurl us back to eras that feel almost out of reach, evoking a sense of history and nostalgia. 'Long' emphasizes the duration, stretching the fabric of time to encompass extended periods, while 'own' adds a layer of personal ownership and subjective experience to our reflections. 'Immediate' past, meanwhile, blurs the line between now and then, indicating events just on the cusp of becoming history. Each adjective paints the past in a different light, offering rich insights into how we perceive time. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives that enrich our dialogue with history below.
recentThe memories of the recent past were still fresh in her mind
distantMy grandmother thought back to the joys of her distant past
longThat is long past due.
ownShe reflected on her own past with a sense of contentment.
remoteMy ancestors lived in this house in the remote past
immediateThe immediate past president responded to criticism from his successor.
gloriousThe nation has a glorious past and a bright future.
historicalThe city has a rich historical past that dates back to the Middle Ages.
colonialThe country's colonial past still haunts its present.
deadLet the dead past bury its dead.
ancientThe ancient past holds many secrets that we are yet to uncover.
americanOur american past is full of twists and turns.
dimThe dim past cast a long shadow over the present.
historicThe city's historic past is evident in its architecture and museums.
culturalWe can't deny the importance of preserving our cultural past
heroicThey are proud of their heroic past
africanMy African past is something I'm very proud of.
classicalThe classical past of ancient Greece and Rome has had a profound influence on Western culture.
darkShe had a dark past that she tried to keep hidden.
mythicalIn its mythical past the land was ruled by a great king with magical powers.
prehistoricI've always been fascinated by the prehistoric past and I spend a lot of my free time studying it.
europeanEvery town here has its European past from the Spanish conquistadors who brought their culture to the French settlers who established plantations on the island.
romanticHe told me about his romantic past but I didn't believe him.
farHe moved far past the city limits in search of solitude.
geologicalThe geological past of the region is complex.
usableThe usable past is a way of looking at the past and seeing how it can be used to improve the present and future.
medievalI am fascinated by the medieval past and its majestic castles.
feudalThe country was still struggling to shake off its feudal past
geologicGeologic past of the place is still not clear
evolutionaryThe biologists used the creatures' evolutionary past to understand their current behaviors.
imperialI am fascinated by my country's imperial past
naziHe had a difficult time reconciling his nazi past with his present life.
richThis region has a rich past that continues to influence its present.
sharedMy cousins and I share a common history, a rich and sometimes sorrowful shared past
painfulI can still feel the echoes of my painful past
idealizedThe idealized past was a time of peace and prosperity.
ruralHer rural past enabled her a unique perspective on the city.
mythicThe labyrinthine forests echoed with whispers of a mythic past
revolutionaryLearning from the revolutionary past the people pushed for a more just society.
paganThe witch connects with her pagan past through rituals and spells.
goldenThe golden past was a time of great prosperity and happiness.
happyI cherish the memories of my happy past
legendaryIn the realm of forgotten lore, whispers of a legendary past echoed through the caverns of time.
romanI am fascinated by the Roman past
collectiveThe collective past of the group helped them to overcome challenges.
communistDespite its communist past the country has made significant progress towards a market economy.
ancestralMy ancestral past is full of interesting stories and mysteries.
hoaryThe hoary past of the ancient city was evident in its crumbling ruins.
troubledEvery time I see you, I am reminded of my troubled past that I can never escape.
nearSome tourists came to visit the ancient city in the near past
infiniteThe infinite past stretched out before them, a vast and unknowable abyss.
russianThe Russian past is full of rich history and culture.
primitiveThe primitive past still haunts the present.
checkeredHe had a checkered past that no one could deny.
rememberedShe remembered past experiences with her family.
violentI can't believe he has such a violent past
criminalDespite his criminal past he was determined to turn his life around.
sovietMy grandfather often tells me stories of his life in the Soviet past
halfIt's half past six.
irrevocableWe must accept our irrevocable past and move forward with hope.
tragicThe man with a tragic past was haunted by his memories.
unknownShe had an unknown past she couldn't talk about.
fortnightIt has been a fortnight past since I last saw you.
traumaticSarah struggled to come to terms with her traumatic past
islamicThe town of Granada has an islamic past
unhappyHer unhappy past had made her cautious and untrusting.
shadyHe had a shady past that he preferred to keep hidden.
colorfulI was wary about dating him, considering his colorful past
mightyThe castle had a mighty past with tales of battles and sieges long forgotten.

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