Adjectives for Path

Adjectives For Path

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing path, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the perfect adjective for 'path' can transform a simple journey into an evocative narrative. The word 'same' suggests a familiar journey, one that we have tread countless times before, while 'narrow' hints at a potentially challenging route, limited in choices or space. 'Right' implies a direction chosen not just for its destination, but for its moral or ethical implications. A 'free' path evokes a sense of liberation, unbound by restrictions, inviting exploration. 'Critical' underscores the importance of the chosen route, possibly affecting the outcome of a journey significantly. 'Straight' suggests efficiency and directness, a path that doesn’t meander. Each adjective colors the noun 'path' with unique shades of meaning, inviting readers to explore the full spectrum of their implications.
sameThe two friends walked the same path to school every day.
narrowThe hiker carefully navigated the narrow path leading to the summit.
rightStay on the right path and you will succeed.
freeThe electrons' mean free path is on the order of 10e-8 cm at room temperature.
criticalTo manage the risk, the project manager needs to prioritize the tasks of the critical path
straightFollow the straight path to reach the destination.
meanThe mean path of the alpha particles in air is about 4 cm.
shortestThe shortest path from A to B is along the line AB.
spiritualI'm on a spiritual path to find inner peace and fulfillment.
directShe took a shortcut down the mountain, opting for the direct path
onlyMy only path was to leap from the window.
steepThe steep path led up to the mountain summit.
circularThe planet revolves around the star in a clockwise circular path
trueFollow the true path to find inner peace.
middleHe firmly believes that the middle path is the best route to success.
clearThe clear path led to the forest.
wrongIt became clear that they were on the wrong path
opticalThe optical path is the distance the light travels from the object to the lens.
currentI forgot to save my work before my computer crashed and now all my recent changes are gone from the current path
closedThe closed path has already been traversed.
correctI believe that you are on the correct path
curvedThe ball traveled in a curved path
optimalThe optimal path was calculated using a combination of machine learning and heuristics.
easyThe easy path is not always the best path.
downwardThe downward path led to ruin.
footThe foot path led through the dense forest.
broadWe decided to take the broad path instead of the narrow one.
wideThe wide path led us through the forest.
alternativeI decided to take an alternative path to avoid the traffic.
rockyThe hiker stumbled along the rocky path his feet aching.
roughThe rough path led to the mountain top.
upwardThe upward path led the hikers to a breathtaking summit.
longestThe longest path in the graph has length 5.
continuousThe continuous path wound through the forest.
evolutionaryEach species has a unique evolutionary path that has led to its current form and function.
tortuousThe tortuous path meandered through the dense forest, obscuring the destination.
smoothThe smooth path led them to their destination.
wornThe worn path led through the dense undergrowth.
primroseAvoid the primrose path and embrace the thorns.
uniqueThe unique path through the forest led to a hidden waterfall.
eightfoldI am practicing meditation to help me achieve the eightfold path
bridleThe bridle path was a popular spot for horse riders.
troddenI prefer to forge my own path rather than follow the trodden path
forwardThe forward path is calculated by multiplying the gains of all the amplifiers in that path.
pavedThe paved path led through the forest, meandering through the trees and past a babbling brook.
thornyLife is a thorny path but it is one that we must travel.
ruggedThe rugged path led him through the dense forest.
nobleThe Buddha taught us to follow the noble path of truth, non-violence, and compassion.
safeThe safe path is the one that leads to the least amount of risk.
spiralThe spiral path led him deeper into the forest.
developmentalHer developmental path was positive in those years.
familiarThe familiar path led her back to her childhood home.
linearThe rocket followed a linear path through the atmosphere.
shorterThe shorter path saved us a lot of time.
lightThe light path was blocked by the obstacle.
circuitousThe river took a circuitous path through the valley.
apparentThe planet's apparent path across the sky was an ellipse.

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