Adjectives for Patient

Adjectives For Patient

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing patient, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Describing someone as a 'patient' can evoke a myriad of emotions, depending on the adjectives used alongside it. The word 'patient' can be neutral, but when paired with adjectives like 'individual', 'old', 'elderly', 'ill', or 'particular', it gains depth and specificity. For instance, referring to someone as an 'individual patient' highlights their uniqueness and personal journey, whereas 'old' or 'elderly patient' shifts the focus towards age-related issues and compassion. 'Ill patient' emphasizes the health struggle, adding a layer of empathy. Each adjective paints a different picture, showing the power of language in healthcare contexts. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'patient' to appreciate the nuances each brings.
sameThe same patient will need to come back for a follow-up appointment.
individualThe doctor prescribed the right medication for each individual patient
oldThe old patient waited patiently for the doctor to arrive.
elderlyThe elderly patient has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia
illThe ill patient was admitted to the hospital.
particularThe information in the medical record is relevant to a particular patient
femaleThe female patient was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
diabeticThe diabetic patient needs to monitor their blood sugar levels carefully.
youngThe young patient waited patiently for their doctor in the waiting room.
moreHe seemed much more patient
olderThe older patient was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.
maleThe male patient was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
mentalThe mental patient was released from the hospital after several months of treatment.
veryMy grandmother is very patient with all her grandchildren.
pediatricThe pediatric patient was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
pregnantThe pregnant patient was admitted to the hospital for observation.
singleThe single patient data was then analyzed
surgicalThe surgical patient is recovering well.
unconsciousThe unconscious patient was rushed to the hospital.
schizophrenicThe schizophrenic patient was experiencing auditory hallucinations.
occasionalThe occasional patient may experience some discomfort during the procedure.
averageThe average patient prescribed this drug had a body mass index of 30.
depressedThe depressed patient was prescribed medication by the doctor.
injuredThe injured patient was taken to the hospital.
obeseThe obese patient struggled to breathe as he walked up the stairs.
psychiatricThe psychiatrist talked to the psychiatric patient about their delusions.
geriatricThe geriatric patient was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia.
cardiacThe cardiac patient was admitted to the hospital with chest pain.
chronicThe chronic patient has been suffering from the disease for many years.
formerMy former patient now lives in a different state.
postoperativeThe postoperative patient was discharged from the hospital after a successful surgery.
comatoseThe nurse checked the vitals of the comatose patient
borderlineThe borderline patient was struggling with intense emotions and self-destructive behavior.
sickThe doctor checked up on his sick patient
psychoticThe psychotic patient was experiencing delusions and hallucinations.
asymptomaticHe was an asymptomatic patient which meant he carried the virus without showing any symptoms.
youngerA younger patient will likely recover from surgery faster than a more senior patient.
hypertensiveThe hypertensive patient was prescribed a diuretic to help lower his blood pressure.
consciousThe conscious patient was able to answer the doctor's questions.
agedThe aged patient was admitted to the hospital last week.
outI went to the out patient clinic to see the doctor.
suicidalThe psychiatrist talked to the suicidal patient for hours.
infectedThe infected patient was isolated from the other patients to prevent the spread of the virus.
alcoholicThe alcoholic patient needs to be treated in a rehabilitation center.
anxiousThe anxious patient nervously awaited the results of his test.
lessMy neighbor is less patient
healthyThe healthy patient recovered quickly from the surgery.
rareThe rare patient was diagnosed with a rare disease.
difficultThe difficult patient required extra attention from the nurse.
immunocompromisedThe immunocompromised patient was at high risk of infection.
riskThe patient is a risk patient and requires constant monitoring.
adolescentThe adolescent patient was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
asthmaticThe asthmatic patient was wheezing heavily.
aphasicThe aphasic patient struggled to retrieve words.
neuroticThe neurotic patient suffered from obsessive thoughts about contamination
dependentNurses help their dependent patients go through rehabiltation.
symptomaticThe symptomatic patient was admitted to the hospital with a high fever.
hystericalThe hysterical patient was laughing and crying at the same time.
cooperativeThe cooperative patient patiently waited for the results of the examination.
awakeThe awake patient answered all the doctor's questions.
unstableThe emergency medical team worked diligently to stabilize the unstable patient
supineThe supine patient was prepped for surgery.
manicThe manic patient paced back and forth, talking rapidly and erratically.
youngestThe 15-year-old patient is the youngest patient to undergo this surgery.
renalThe renal patient was on dialysis for several years.
edentulousThe edentulous patient presented with a chief complaint of difficulty chewing.
terminalThe doctor informed the terminal patient of their imminent demise.
burnedThe burned patient is in the hospital.
febrileThe febrile patient was admitted to the hospital with a fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
tuberculousThe tuberculous patient was coughing up blood.
dentalThe dental patient was very nervous about the procedure.
prospectiveThe new doctor eagerly greeted the prospective patient in the waiting room.
epilepticThe epileptic patient experienced a seizure while driving.

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