Adjectives for Pattern

Adjectives For Pattern

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing pattern, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Exploring the world of patterns, it's fascinating how the choice of an adjective not only describes but also transforms the perception of these intricate designs. Using adjectives like 'same,' 'general,' and 'similar' can emphasize uniformity, while 'normal,' 'basic,' and 'common' suggest a more ubiquitous or foundational aspect. Each adjective unveils a different facet of patterns, painting them in a new light that can range from the mundane to the exceptional. The nuance brought by these descriptive words enriches our understanding and appreciation of patterns in various contexts. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives used with 'pattern' and how they color our perception below.
sameThe flowers followed the same pattern of growth.
generalThe general pattern of bird migration is to go south in the winter and north in the summer.
similarThe two shapes show a similar pattern
normalThe data follows a normal pattern with no outliers.
basicThe basic pattern involves a series of parallel lines.
commonMany people followed the common pattern of getting up, going to work, and then returning home to relax.
typicalThe fluctuations show a typical pattern of rise and fall
overallThe overall pattern of the data suggests a positive trend.
particularThe data followed a particular pattern that was not immediately apparent.
regularThe leaves are arranged in a regular pattern along the stem.
characteristicThe calico cat had a distinctive characteristic pattern of white, black, and orange fur.
complexThe intricate tapestry of life unfolded before them, revealing a complex pattern that connected every living being.
traditionalThe quilt featured a traditional pattern that had been passed down through generations.
clearThe data exhibits a clear pattern of growth over time.
familiarThe familiar pattern of birdsong filled the air.
spatialThe spatial pattern of the data shows a clear trend of increasing values from west to east.
simpleThe design had a simple pattern with repeating geometric shapes.
definiteThe birds followed a definite pattern of migration.
culturalThe cultural pattern of a society refers to the shared beliefs, values, and practices that guide its members' behavior and interactions.
dominantThe dominant pattern in this society has been one of assimilation.
rhythmicThe guitarist strummed the strings with a rhythmic pattern
seasonalThe company's revenue follows a clear seasonal pattern
standardThe standard pattern for a sentence in English is subject-verb-object.
distinctiveThe petals of the flower arranged themselves in a distinctive pattern
uniqueThe unique pattern of the fabric caught my eye.
uniformThe army marched in uniform pattern
distinctThe waves crashed against the shore in a distinct pattern
rayThe sunlight created a ray pattern through the leaves of the trees.
likeLike pattern the birds flew in a V-formation.
circularThe leaves of the plant grew in a circular pattern
structuralThe building exhibits a distinctive structural pattern
irregularThe irregular pattern on the carpet was designed to hide stains.
temporalThe temporal pattern of the organism's behavior was analyzed to determine its circadian rhythm.
cyclicalThe cyclical pattern of the seasons brought about a sense of familiarity and comfort.
randomThe tiles on the floor formed a random pattern
intricateThe intricate pattern on the rug was inspired by ancient Persian designs.
organizationalThe author uses a chronological organizational pattern to present the events of the story.
interestingThe tiles on the floor formed an interesting pattern
developmentalMost cases of childhood obesity follow a developmental pattern
stableThe weather has been stuck in a stable pattern for the past few weeks.
classicThe classic pattern of the dress was eye-catching.
predictableThe predictable pattern of the waves made it easy to guess when the next one would break.
linearThe data formed a linear pattern across the plotted coordinates.
abnormalThe abnormal pattern in the data suggested that something was amiss.
regional"A regional pattern of increases in per capita revenues was associated with increased state funding for health programs from 1980 to 1990."
behavioralThe therapist observed the child's behavioral pattern during the play session.
broadThe broad pattern of their development is illustrated in the following chart.
idealThe ideal pattern for a successful life is to set goals, work hard, and never give up.
complicatedThe complicated pattern on the dress made it impossible to copy.
shaped"The microphone's shaped pattern isolates the speaker from ambient noise."
geometricThe geometric pattern on the dress was intricate and eye-catching.
oppositeThe opposite pattern of the stripes created a striking effect.
conventionalThe conventional pattern of the alphabet is often used in teaching and learning.
coherentThe tiles formed a coherent pattern that hinted at a deeper meaning.
unusualThe unusual pattern on the butterfly's wings was mesmerizing.
underlyingThe underlying pattern was clear once we analyzed the data.
repetitiveThe wallpaper had a repetitive pattern of geometric shapes.
mixedThe floor had a mixed pattern of tiles and hardwood.
autosomalThe genetic disease is inherited in an autosomal pattern
systematicHis systematic pattern for organizing and scheduling staff improved work productivity.
symmetricalThe wallpaper had a striking symmetrical pattern of interlocking diamonds.
metricalThe metrical pattern of the poem is iambic pentameter.

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