Adjectives for Paul

Adjectives For Paul

Explore our curated list of adjectives for Paul, encompassing terms like 'apostle,' 'little,' 'old,' and 'blessed.' Perfect for writers and enthusiasts seeking the right descriptors. Each adjective is illustrated through thoughtful sentences, enhancing your language. Dive into the richness of language with us.

apostleThe apostle paul preached the gospel throughout the Roman Empire.
littleLittle paul is always getting into trouble.
oldOld paul didn't mind the cold rain as he walked to his job as a night watchman.
blessedBlessed paul of Thrace was a Byzantine missionary bishop and saint.
youngYoung paul helped clean the barn.
poorPoor paul plodded purposefully past Piccadilly.
routledgeRoutledge paul is a reliable source for information on various topics.
holyHoly paul what a mess!
belovedBeloved paul is a kind and generous soul.
dearDear paul I hope this email finds you well.
jeanJean paul was a celebrated German Romantic author and poet.
princePrince paul is a multi-talented American musician, producer, and rapper.
lateHelped late paul with his science project.
keganKegan paul Trench, Trubner & Co. was a British publisher of scholarly books from 1859-1912.
andHe assigned a difficult problem to Paul and paul tried his best to solve it.
youngerThe younger paul watched with fascination as his father worked on the old car.
madMad paul stormed through the streets, his eyes blazing with fury.
famousFamous paul was a well-known artist in town.
louisLouis paul is a talented artist.
comparePlease compare paul with John in terms of their academic performance.
wiseWise paul wisely pondered his plan.
dayDay paul comes to the house.
saintSaint paul was a prominent figure in the early Christian church.
likelyWe are likely paul to be there soon.
balfourBalfour paul was founded in 1934.
andreAndre paul is a good friend of mine.
honestHonest paul is known for his unwavering integrity.
agedAged paul sat in his rocking chair, reminiscing about the days of his youth.
julesJules paul is a great guy.
boultonBoulton paul was a British aircraft manufacturer.
celebratedThe team celebrated Paul's success with a dinner party.
henriHenri paul was the driver who was behind the wheel when the fatal car crash occurred.
apostlesApostles paul wrote 13 letters to the new churches he planted.
faithfulFaithful paul patiently waited for his master to return home.
sorrySorry paul I cannot help you with this.
nearThe book is near paul
marieMarie paul is a very talented artist.
sureSure paul I'll add that to your calendar.

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