Adjectives for Pay

Adjectives For Pay

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing pay, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe pay can significantly impact the tone and implication of a sentence. For instance, equal pay suggests a fair distribution of wages, highlighting issues of equity and justice in the workplace. On the other hand, low pay sheds light on dissatisfaction and potential undervaluation of work. Describing pay as higher implies a comparative advantage or reward, while full pay denotes receiving one's entire salary, often in contexts like sick leave. Half pay might suggest a reduction, possibly due to part-time positions or disciplinary actions. Meanwhile, good pay speaks to the overall satisfaction and perceived fairness of one's compensation. Each adjective unlocks a unique facet of employment conditions and expectations. Explore our full list of adjectives linked with pay to discover more nuances.
equalWomen should receive equal pay for equal work.
lowEmployees left the company due to low pay
higherShe asked for higher pay but was denied.
fullI am receiving full pay this week.
halfThe staff were put on half pay due to the economic downturn.
extraI worked overtime and got extra pay for it.
betterI am hoping to find a new job with better pay
moreI would work more hours if I could get more pay
homeThe average home pay for a worker increased by 5%.
averageThe average pay is $25,000 per year.
backThe employee was awarded back pay for the time he was wrongfully terminated.
sickThe company offers sick pay to its employees.
highThe high pay attracted many talented employees to the company.
regularHe earned a regular pay of $10 per hour.
grossThe gross pay for the employee is $2,500 per month.
lessI am not interested in less pay for the same amount of work.
lowerThe employee was offered lower pay than expected.
monthlyMy monthly pay is just enough to cover my expenses.
poorI couldn't work there because of the poor pay
basicThe employee earns a basic pay of $2,000 per month.
militaryThe military pay for enlisted personnel is typically based on rank and years of service.
doubleHe was working double pay for overtime.
additionalThe employees expected additional pay for their overtime work.
netThe employee's net pay after taxes and other deductions, was $1,500.
incentiveThe employees were motivated by incentive pay to work harder.
weeklyI get weekly pay every Friday.
relatedThe employee is entitled to related pay referred to in Article 17(1).
totalThe total pay for the employees was over 10 million dollars.
annualHer annual pay is $60,000.
dailyThe daily pay for construction workers is $100.
hourlyI am working for $25 hourly pay
basedThe CEO's based pay is $1 million.
unequalUnequal pay is a significant issue that needs to be addressed.
fairWe must ensure fair pay for all workers.
retiredThe retired pay is the amount of money that a retired military member receives from the government.
highestThe employee with the highest pay is entitled to the best benefits.
minimumThe minimum pay for this job is 10 dollars per hour.
variableThe company's variable pay plan rewards employees for exceeding performance expectations.
relativeThe pay increase was approved in relation to relative pay
adequateThe employees were not satisfied with their adequate pay
longerThe construction helped her enjoy longer pay
richThe rich pay more in taxes.
inadequateEmployees protested outside the factory due to inadequate pay
decentThe job offers decent pay and benefits.
statutoryThe employee is entitled to receive statutory pay during their period of absence.
lowestThe employee with the lowest pay is struggling to make ends meet.
timeEmployees will receive time pay if they work over 40 hours a week.
overtimeThe employees worked overtime pay to finish the project on time.
deferredThe company offered him a generous deferred pay package.
topHe is earning the top pay in the software industry.
liberalThe company offers liberal pay and benefits to its employees.
meagreHe had a lot of responsibilities, but only a meagre pay
slowHe was very worried about the slow pay
differentialThe employees were offered differential pay for working the night shift.
yearlyThe yearly pay for the position is $50,000.
premiumThe employee is entitled to premium pay for working overtime.
generousThe company offered generous pay and benefits to attract top talent.

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