Adjectives for Payment

Adjectives For Payment

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing payment, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'payment' often comes with a range of adjectives that illuminate the specifics of financial transactions, each carrying nuanced implications. A 'down payment' suggests the initial step in securing a purchase, while a 'non payment' denotes a failure to meet financial obligations. 'Monthly payments' imply a recurring financial commitment, as opposed to an 'annual payment' which suggests a once-a-year transaction. A 'first payment' marks the beginning of a series, whereas a 'full payment' indicates the conclusion of a financial arrangement. Understanding these distinctions can greatly aid in clear financial communication. Explore our full list of adjectives paired with 'payment' to master the art of financial nuances.
downThe bank required a down payment of 20%.
nonDue to non payment the service was terminated.
monthlyI can't afford the monthly payment on that car.
annualThe annual payment on her car loan is $500.
firstI made the first payment on my new car.
fullI have made a full payment for my car.
finalWe need to receive the final payment by the end of the month.
immediateYour immediate payment is greatly appreciated.
partialThe tenant paid a partial payment on his rent this month.
additionalThe company offered an additional payment to the employee for their hard work.
lastI made the last payment on my car loan last month.
singleThe company offered a single payment option for the purchase.
directWe can send the direct payment to your account if you provide your details.
initialThe initial payment was a significant financial burden for the young couple.
deferredThe company offered us a deferred payment plan, allowing us to pay for the goods over time.
actualThe actual payment will be made once the goods are delivered.
regularThe company issues regular payments to its employees.
totalThe total payment for the car is $20,000.
averageThe average payment for this loan is $1,000 per month.
lateWe regret to inform you that your account is past due and subject to a late payment fee.
minimumTo make sure you don't accrue interest, make at least the minimum payment every billing cycle.
fixedThe monthly fixed payment on my car is \$300.
sumThe sum payment was $100.
furtherWe will discuss further payment after the project is completed.
futureThe contract includes a future payment of $1 million.
weeklyI have to pay my gardener a weekly payment of fifty dollars.
yearlyThe yearly payment for the loan is $12,000.
prospectiveThe hospital received a prospective payment for the patient's surgery.
periodicThe bank loan requires periodic payment
dueThe due payment for your mortgage is $1,000.
voluntaryThe voluntary payment was made without any expectation of receiving anything in return.
punctualI appreciate your punctual payment thank you.
exactPlease provide exact payment for your purchase.
maximumThe maximum payment that can be made in one attempt is $10,000.
monetaryThe monetary payment was made in the form of a bank transfer.
principalThe principal payment on the loan is due next month.
substantialThe company agreed to pay a substantial payment to settle the lawsuit.
preI would like to make a pre payment on my account.
timeThe store offers time payments on all major appliances.
quarterlyThe quarterly payment for the loan is due on the 15th of March, June, September, and December.
netThe net payment for the invoice will be $1,000.
delayedThe delayed payment caused financial hardship for the company.
partI've made a part payment on my new car.
leaseI made the lease payment on time.
doubleI accidentally sent a double payment and now I need to contact the company.
ultimateThe ultimate payment was due on the fifteenth of the month.
partyThe party payment for the wedding was set at $100 per person.
fairThe fair payment for the work is $10 per hour.
compulsoryThe compulsory payment for the water bill is due by the end of the month.
nominalThe nominal payment was insufficient to cover the full cost of the purchase.
electronicI made an electronic payment for my online purchase.
interimThe contractor is entitled to an interim payment of 50% of the contract price.
adequateThe client provided adequate payment for the services rendered.
excessThe customer made an excess payment that will be credited to their account.
balanceThe balance payment is due on the 15th of each month.
frontThe cost of the project requires a front payment of $10,000.
promisedThe company promised payment to its employees by the end of the month.
incentiveThe incentive payment is a reward for good performance.
semiannualThe semiannual payment was made on time.
continuedThe continued payment plan will help you manage your expenses.

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