Adjectives for Payments

Adjectives For Payments

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing payments, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the world of transactions, the term 'payments' can adopt a myriad of nuances depending on the adjectives that precede it. A 'monthly' payment plan introduces the idea of regular, manageable installments, while an 'annual' payment suggests a singular, often larger, yearly transaction. The 'direct' payment method speaks to the efficiency and immediacy of transactions, contrasting with 'balance' payments that relate to the remaining amount owed. Lastly, 'total' payments underscore the complete financial commitment involved. These adjectives not only describe but also subtly influence the perception and management of payments. Dive deeper into how different adjectives reveal various facets of financial arrangements in our comprehensive list below.
monthlyThe monthly payments on my car are too high.
suchThe bank has not made such payments to Prevezon Holdings since 2010.
annualThe annual payments on the loan are $10,000.
directWe need direct payments for all Americans.
totalThe company's total payments in the last quarter were $10 million.
internationalThe company is responsible for processing international payments
futureWe can discuss future payments at the next meeting.
regularI set up regular payments for my monthly expenses.
periodicThe periodic payments were scheduled to begin next month.
socialThe government announced a series of social payments to help low-income families.
deferredThe company offers deferred payments to customers who cannot afford to pay upfront.
additionalThe tenant will be responsible for any additional payments beyond the rent, such as utilities and parking.
equalThe loan can be repaid in equal payments over ten years.
principalThe monthly payment consists of principal payments and interest.
partialWe accept partial payments for your convenience.
weeklyThe rent is due in weekly payments
foreignWe offer foreign payments to our clients.
higherThe higher payments are a result of the company's expansion.
currentThe current payments are due on the first of the month.
quarterlyThe loan requires quarterly payments of $500.
netPlease send us the net payments for the month of July.
leaseThe lease payments were due on the first of every month.
furtherWe have received your initial payment and are awaiting further payments
actualActual payments must be made before any interest has accrued.
federalThe federal payments were sent out last week.
lateThe customer was charged a late fee for their late payments
minimumYou shouldn't make minimum payments if you can afford to pay more.
yearlyThe monthly payments on the loan will likely be lower than the yearly payments
extraHe made extra payments on his mortgage to pay it off early.
downThe down payments on our new house were a hefty sum.
rentalWe have been struggling to keep up with our rental payments this month.
sumThe sum payments for the project were $100,000.
medicalThe insurance policy included coverage for medical payments
fixedThe loan company requires fixed payments each month.
periodicalThe insurance policy required periodical payments of $100.
externalThe department is responsible for external payments
averageThey calculated the average payments for each month.
largerI'll have to make larger payments if I keep spending like this!
substantialThe company made substantial payments to its creditors.
reparationsGermany made reparations payments to the countries it invaded during World War II.
monetaryThe company is offering monetary payments to employees who work overtime.
installmentThe company offers installment payments for its customers.
heavyWe are heavily in debt and find it difficult to make the heavy payments
compensatoryThe company was ordered to make compensatory payments to the victims of the accident.
subsequentThe subsequent payments were made on time.
illegalThe company was accused of making illegal payments to government officials.
voluntaryThe voluntary payments made by the donors were tax-deductible.
serviceThe corporation is required to make regular monthly service payments on its outstanding debt.
electronicElectronic payments are becoming increasingly popular as they offer convenience and security.
semiannualThe semiannual payments on the loan were due at the end of June and December.
interimThe money order included interim payments for the rent.
sideThe contract included side payments to ensure cooperation.
partyThe party payments were made on time.
excessThe company had excess payments amounting to $500,000.
incentiveHealthcare providers receive incentive payments when they achieve preventive care goals.
timelyI made all my timely payments
overdueWe're sorry, but your account is in arrears due to overdue payments
easyWith easy payments you can get the things you need today.
promptOur company expects prompt payments from all customers.
requiredThe required payments were made on time.
customaryThe customary payments were made to the chief of the clan.
bridewealthThis article reviews the slow changes from arranged marriages with bridewealth payments to marriage based on mutual affection.
delinquentPlease make all delinquent payments by the end of the month.
rateThe homeowner made all of his rate payments on time.
goldThe US unilaterally suspended gold payments in 1933.
backI set up a payment plan to catch up on my back payments
delayedThe delayed payments are causing financial hardships for many businesses.

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