Adjectives for Pdf

Adjectives For PDF

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing pdf, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In the digital age, the PDF format stands as a beacon of document sharing and archiving, but the adjectives preceding 'PDF' unfold a world of nuanced interpretations. From the joint PDF, emphasizing collaboration or linkages, to the normal PDF, hinting at standard distributions in statistical contexts. The posterior PDF dives deeper into Bayesian analysis, contrasting with the prior PDF's foundational beliefs. Meanwhile, the conditional PDF and the gaussian PDF point to specific mathematical conditions and distributions, revealing the versatile applications of PDFs. The choice of adjective not only describes the PDF but also the intention behind its use or the context it operates in. Dive into the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'PDF' to uncover the layers of meaning each combination can provide.
jointThe joint pdf of X and Y is given by f(x,y).
normalThe normal pdf is a bell-shaped curve that is symmetric around the mean.
posteriorThe posterior pdf is proportional to the prior pdf multiplied by the likelihood.
gaussianThe gaussian pdf is a probability distribution function that is used to model the normal distribution.
conditionalThe conditional pdf of X given Y can be written as f(X | Y = y).
priorThe prior pdf is assumed to be a normal distribution.
marginalThe marginal pdf of the joint pdf is the pdf of one variable integrated over the other variable.
uniformThe uniform pdf is a continuous probability distribution that has a constant value over the specified interval.
exponentialThe exponential pdf is given by f(x) = λe^(-λx), where λ is the rate parameter.
correspondingTo estimate the corresponding pdf the density of the basic variables must be known.
multivariateThe multivariate pdf is a complex mathematical expression that describes the probability distribution of a random vector.
continuousThe continuous pdf of a random variable X is given by f(x) = (1/sqrt(2*pi*sigma^2)) * exp(-(x-mu)^2/(2*sigma^2)) for -∞ < x < ∞.
dimensionalThe research shows that the presence of the double bonds in the molecular structure leads to improved dimensional pdf
standardThe standard pdf is widely used for document sharing
singleI need a single pdf of the document that has all 3 pages.
originalI accidentally deleted the original pdf of this document.
trueThis statistical method is based on the true pdf that generates the data.
discreteThe discrete pdf of a random variable X is given by P(X = x) = p(x) for x = x1, x2, ..., xn.
bivariateThe bivariate pdf calculates the probability density at each point in the joint space of two random variables.
intint pdf is used for printing documents into pdf format
empiricalWe used the empirical pdf of the observed data to estimate the parameters of the model.
prioriThe priori pdf is a probability distribution that is derived from first principles.
pageI opened the page pdf in my browser.
theoreticalResearchers found major drawbacks in using the empirical pdf as compared to the theoretical pdf
exactWe need the exact pdf for a test on Tuesday.
posterioriThe posteriori pdf is a conditional probability distribution that is used to estimate the probability of an event occurring given that some other event has already occurred.
idealThe ideal pdf is small, high-quality, and accessible.
predictiveThe predictive pdf can be used to estimate the probability of future events.
initialAn initial pdf may be of direct benefit to the recipient.
finalPlease send me the final pdf when it is ready.
downloadableThis is a downloadable pdf
actualI need the actual pdf file, not just a link.
entireI have attached the entire pdf for your reference.
binomialThe binomial pdf is given by the formula (n! / (k! * (n-k)!)) * p^k * (1-p)^(n-k).
appropriateAttach the appropriate pdf to complete the online form.
completeI have finally acquired the complete pdf of the book that I had been searching for
pointSupport the proposition that a point pdf can be opposed by linking it to an alternative thesis.
validThis is a valid pdf document.
multipageI need to download the multipage pdf file
negativeThe negative pdf was not able to be loaded.
normalizedThe normalized pdf is a probability distribution function that is scaled so that the integral of the function over the entire real line is equal to one.
characteristicThe characteristic pdf of a random variable is a function that gives the probability of the variable taking on a given value.
unknownIn the unknown pdf there is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.
experimentalThe experimental pdf is available for download.
rectangularThe rectangular pdf is a type of probability distribution with a constant value within a specified domain.
univariateThe univariate pdf of a random variable X is given by f(x).
arbitraryThe random variable has an arbitrary pdf
stationaryThe stationary pdf of a random variable is the pdf of the random variable at a given time.
resultantThe organization published the resultant pdf for global distribution.
ricianThe rician pdf is a statistical distribution that is commonly used to model the probability distribution of the amplitude of a signal that has been corrupted by additive white Gaussian noise.
orderPlease send me the order pdf for my reference.
weibullThe Weibull pdf is a continuous probability distribution that is used to model the distribution of failure times.
aboveThe above pdf contains additional information.
interactiveYou can use this interactive pdf to learn more about the project.
laplacianA Laplacian pdf is a probability distribution that describes the distribution of the distance from a given point to the nearest boundary.
typicalMost of the text present in typical pdf files could be freely highlighted with the pre-installed PDF readers, which raise data privacy issues.
searchableThis searchable pdf document is easy to use.
overallCheck that the overall pdf file size is not too large (no more than say 25 MB)
memberPlease find the attached member pdf for your reference.
digitalI need to download the digital pdf of the book.
createExport your design as a PDF by clicking 'Create PDF'.
squareThe square pdf contained statistical data on student performance.
clickPlease click pdf to download the document.
timeI can't open the time pdf without the password.
unconditionalThe standard normal distribution has an unconditional pdf of (1/√(2π)) * e^(-x²/2).
multidimensionalThe research team developed a multidimensional pdf to represent the family of probability distributions.
correctPlease send correct pdf file.
flatI need to send this flat pdf by email.
parameterThe parameter pdf of a normal distribution is bell-shaped.
molecularThe molecular pdf will be generated soon.

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