Adjectives for Peace

Adjectives For Peace

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing peace, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'peace' carries with it the weight of hope, serenity, and the end of conflict. However, the adjectives paired with it, such as 'international,' 'public,' 'separate,' 'inner,' and 'lasting,' unveil the complexities and varying dimensions of peace itself. 'International peace' emphasizes global harmony, while 'inner peace' points to personal tranquility. 'Lasting peace' hints at the durability of calmness over time, contrasting with 'separate peace,' which may imply peace in isolation or in specific contexts. Each adjective not only modifies but deepens our understanding of peace, revealing its multifaceted nature. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives that reveal the nuanced perspectives of peace below.
internationalInternational peace depends on cooperation and understanding among all nations.
publicThe police are responsible for maintaining public peace
separateThe separate peace of the countryside was broken by the distant sound of gunfire.
innerInner peace can be found within the depths of one's soul.
lastingMay this ceasefire usher in a lasting peace that heals the wounds of the past and fosters a brighter future for all.
generalThe general peace of the country was shattered by the recent outbreak of violence.
perfectAs the evening fell, the garden was filled with perfect peace
universalOur dream is to foster universal peace among all nations.
permanentThe search for permanent peace is an elusive but worthy goal.
internalShe found internal peace by practicing meditation.
industrialIndustrial peace is essential for economic growth and stability.
eternalThe ethereal beauty of the willows beside the river brought solace and a sense of eternal peace to the weary soul.
trueTrue peace comes from within, not from external circumstances.
domesticWe hope to achieve domestic peace by the end of next year.
relativeFor many years, that nation lived in relative peace and harmony.
perpetualWe strive for a perpetual peace one that will last for generations to come.
realReal peace comes from within, not from external circumstances.
profoundI found profound peace in the stillness of the forest.
futureWe long for future peace within our country and abroad.
negotiatedNegotiated peace was a welcome relief to the war-torn country.
comparativeAfter the treaty was signed, comparative peace settled over the region.
europeanEuropean peace is vital for the stability of the world.
uneasyThe uneasy peace between the two nations was constantly threatened by border skirmishes.
inwardThe meditation class left me with a newfound sense of inward peace
deepThe deep peace of the forest enveloped her, bringing tranquility to her weary soul.
democraticDemocratic peace theory posits that democracies are less likely to go to war with each other.
durableLet us hope that a durable peace prevails in our time.
religiousThe foundation of world peace is religious peace
sweetA sweet peace settled over the land as the storm finally passed.
stableThe treaty created a lasting and stable peace between the two nations.
civilThe country has enjoyed civil peace for many years.
immediateOur country was on the brink of war, and then, through diplomatic efforts, we achieved immediate peace
honorableThe treaty brought an honorable peace to the warring nations.
everlastingThe nations of the world came together to sign a treaty of everlasting peace
spiritualShe found solace in meditation, seeking spiritual peace
completeIn the serene sanctuary, a sense of complete peace enveloped her soul.
worldWorld peace remains an elusive goal, but it is one that must be pursued with unwavering determination.
temporaryThe temporary peace allowed for a moment of respite.
regionalThe peace conference sought to establish regional peace and cooperation.
globalMay global peace be achieved through empathy and understanding.
mentalThe key to a happy and fulfilling life is mental peace
enduringMay enduring peace prevail throughout the world.
genuineShe emitted a genuine peace as she shared her story.
falseA false peace can lull even the most cautious mind.
heavenlyThe monastery welcomed all visitors with heavenly peace
absoluteI'm experiencing absolute peace as I quietly sip my tea.
quietThe house was silent, a quiet peace settling in the air.
secureLet's unite to secure peace and harmony on Earth.
unbrokenAmidst the tumultuous world, the tranquil town offered an unbroken peace
solidThe nation has enjoyed solid peace for decades.
blessedAmidst the turmoil, the blessed peace brought solace to our weary souls.
speedyLet us pray for a speedy peace
romanThe Roman peace a period of relative peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire, lasted for over two centuries.
continuedContinued peace depends on mutual respect and understanding.
holyAmidst the chaos, a sense of holy peace descended upon the weary souls.
humiliatingThe humiliating peace treaty left the nation reeling from its losses.
comprehensiveThe comprehensive peace agreement brought an end to decades of conflict.
fragileThe fragile peace that had been negotiated was shattered by a single act of violence.
uninterruptedThe tranquil setting provided an uninterrupted peace that allowed for deep contemplation.
ultimateWe can't wait until ultimate peace is achieved.
calmThe gentle breeze brought a calm peace to the troubled mind.
definitiveThe definitive peace we all long for remains a distant dream.
infiniteMay infinite peace envelop you with its serenity and warmth.
precariousThe precarious peace was shattered by the outbreak of violence.
sustainablePromoting sustainable peace requires addressing underlying issues and empowering local communities.
advantageousThe advantageous peace brought prosperity to the region.
gentleThe gentle peace of a quiet afternoon filled her heart with contentment.

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