Adjectives for Percent

Adjectives For Percent

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing percent, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a 'percent' can dramatically shift the focus and tone of a sentence, influencing perception and response. A 'few percent' might highlight scarcity or a minor change, while 'top percent' signals excellence or dominance. 'Average percent' suggests normalcy, contrasting with 'additional percent' which indicates surplus or growth. 'Mere percent' often downplays significance, whereas 'bottom percent' might emphasize the notion of being least or lacking. These nuances in language not only convey specific information but also evoke emotions, steering the reader's understanding and attitudes towards the data presented. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover how each uniquely colors the concept of percent.
topHe is in the top percent of his class.
averageThe average percent of the students who passed the test was 85%.
mereThe mere percent of voters who support the candidate is not enough to secure a victory.
bottomThe student was in the bottom percent of his class.
100The battery is 100 percent charged.
severalThe interest rate on my loan was reduced by several percent
fullThe company grew its customer base by a full percent last quarter.
poorestThe poorest percent of the population is often overlooked when it comes to policy decisions.
lowestThis company has the lowest percent of employee turnover rate.
richestThe richest percent of Americans own more wealth than the bottom 90% combined.
highestThey received the highest percent of votes in the election.
hundredI am hundred percent sure of it.
totalThe total percent of the vote was 52%.
oneShe donated one percent of her salary to charity.
middleThe middle percent of the sample is 50%.
lowThe low percent of responses suggests that the survey was not widely distributed.
higherThe sales team exceeded expectations with a higher percent of new customers.
upperThe upper percent of the class excelled on the exam.
lowerThe company was able to achieve a lower percent of product defects.
wealthiestThe wealthiest percent of the population owns a disproportionate share of the world's wealth.
cumulativeThe cumulative percent of sales for this product is 75%
staggeringThe company has seen a staggering percent of growth in the last quarter.
meanThe mean percent of test takers who chose the correct answer was 75%.
extraThe new project will cost ten extra percent
fiveThe survey found that five percent of respondents had experienced discrimination.
tenThe discount is ten percent off the original price.
equalThe two companies distributed an equal percent of the profits amongst their employees.
lessI did not finish all my chores, so my mom gave me less percent allowance than usual.
modestThe stocks declined by a modest percentage over the course of the year.
impressiveThe company had an impressive percent of sales growth last quarter.
astoundingThe recent poll results showed an astounding percent of support for the new candidate.
largestThe state accounting for the largest percent of car accidents last year was Texas.
remarkableThe company saw a remarkable percent increase in sales last quarter.
overwhelming"It gives me an overwhelming percent of confidence," Avril said.
fiftyFifty percent of the students passed the exam.
twoThe survey found that two percent of respondents had experienced discrimination at work.
smallerThe smaller percent of people who voted for the incumbent were primarily concerned with the economy.
scantA scant percent of the total budget was allocated to this project.
fatThe fat percent of this milk is 2% and it is non-fat milk.
substantialThe company reported a substantial percent increase in sales revenue.
incredibleThe company's sales increased by an incredible percent last quarter.
overallThe overall percent of students who passed the test was 85%.
respectableShe received a respectable percent on her math test.
paltryThe purported profit was a paltry percent of the initial investment.
amazingThe amazing percent of people that voted in this election was 98%.
surprisingThe statistics show that a surprising percent of the population is allergic to peanuts.

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