Adjectives for Personnel

Adjectives For Personnel

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing personnel, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe 'personnel' can subtly shift its meaning and emphasis, bringing to light the specific roles and capabilities within an organization. 'Military' personnel, for example, highlights individuals dedicated to defense and national security, while 'medical' personnel refers to those in the health services, stressing their role in healthcare and patient wellbeing. 'Trained' and 'technical' personnel underscore the skill and expertise required in their fields, whether it be in intricate technological domains or other specialized areas. 'Key' personnel, on the other hand, signifies those who are crucial for the operation of an entity. Delve deeper to discover the full spectrum of adjectives that elegantly capture the diverse facets of personnel.
militaryThe military personnel were well-trained and highly motivated.
medicalThe medical personnel worked tirelessly to save the patient's life.
otherWe appreciate the help of other personnel on this project.
trainedThe facility has trained personnel to operate and maintain the equipment.
technicalThe technical personnel quickly and efficiently installed the new equipment.
keyThe key personnel of the company attended the meeting.
administrativeThe administrative personnel were very helpful in processing my request.
professionalThe professional personnel were highly skilled and experienced.
skilledOur company employs skilled personnel to ensure the highest quality of service.
supervisoryThe guidance was provided by senior supervisory personnel
additionalWe hired additional personnel to help us complete the project on time.
localWe will work with local personnel to ensure a smooth transition.
americanAmerican personnel joined the search for survivors after the devastating earthquake.
managerialThis will require greater involvement of managerial personnel in the formulation of organizational mission, vision, and goals.
navalThe naval personnel were trained to operate the ship's weapons systems.
scientificThe scientific personnel were hard at work in the laboratory.
experiencedThe company employed experienced personnel to manage the project.
competentOur organization hires only competent personnel
seniorThe senior personnel of the company were present at the meeting.
qualifiedThe project requires qualified personnel to complete the task.
civilianCivilian personnel will need additional training.
appropriateThe appropriate personnel will be notified immediately.
specializedSpecialized personnel were required to complete the complex operation.
clericalOur clerical personnel are responsible for maintaining our financial records.
enlistedThe enlisted personnel were responsible for the day-to-day operations of the unit.
levelLevel personnel are able to access certain areas of the building.
auxiliaryThe auxiliary personnel were responsible for supporting the team's operations.
britishFour british personnel have been arrested.
armedThe security team was composed entirely of armed personnel
availableWe will use the available personnel to complete the task.
educationalEducational personnel are responsible for providing instruction to students.
necessaryThe necessary personnel were on hand to handle the emergency.
diplomaticThe diplomatic personnel were highly skilled in negotiating and resolving conflicts.
paramedicalThe paramedics and EMTs are paramedical personnel who responded to the scene of the accident.
sovietThe soviet personnel were evacuated from the base.
timeThe time personnel handled the issue with great efficiency.
topThe company's top personnel met to discuss the new project.
dentalDental personnel are responsible for providing oral care to patients.
adequateThe company has adequate personnel to handle the workload.
sufficientWe have sufficient personnel to complete the task.
ancillaryThe project will require several ancillary personnel to assist with the research.
uniformedThe uniformed personnel were standing in formation.
assistiveHe hired assistive personnel to aid him in his daily tasks.
alliedThe allied personnel were responsible for the security of the base.
operational"Operational personnel" are responsible for ensuring that all systems are functioning properly.
instructional"Instructional personnel" include teachers, instructors, and other educational professionals who are responsible for providing instruction to students.
academicThere are many academic personnel in this laboratory.
unauthorizedUnauthorized personnel are not allowed to enter this area.
enoughThe company does not have enough personnel to complete the project on time.
judicialThe judicial personnel reviewed the case and made a decision.
salariedThe company's salaried personnel are eligible for a bonus.
permanentThe permanent personnel helped to ensure the smooth operation of the organization.
inexperiencedHe is a capable manager, even though he has inexperienced personnel to work with.
suitableThe project manager recommended hiring suitable personnel to complete the task.
dutyThe duty personnel were responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the facility.
indigenousWe cooperate with a group of indigenous personnel to protect their land.
expatriateThe company's expatriate personnel are highly skilled and experienced professionals.
corporateCorporate personnel need to have excellent communication skills.

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