Adjectives for Persons

Adjectives For Persons

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing persons, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe persons can significantly impact the tone and perception of your sentence. Whether depicting 'other' individuals in a narrative, emphasizing the 'many' faces in a crowd, highlighting the qualities of 'such' personalities, or distinguishing between 'several' people, each adjective carries its own nuance. Using 'few' might hint at exclusivity or scarcity, while 'older' lends an aspect of respect, wisdom, or, perhaps, vulnerability. The art of combining these adjectives with the noun 'persons' opens a myriad of literary possibilities, inviting readers to appreciate the depth and diversity of human experiences. Explore the full range of adjectives to uncover the subtle differences each can make.
otherHe always spends time with other persons
manyMany persons participated in the meeting.
suchThe management of such persons requires knowledge of the laws governing their rights and privileges.
severalSeveral persons were detained for questioning.
fewFew persons can withstand the temptation of a forbidden fruit.
olderOlder persons require more care and attention as they age.
youngYoung persons should be encouraged to pursue their dreams.
differentPeople from different persons come from many backgrounds.
mostMost persons have an average life span of 79 years.
certainCertain persons may be subject to special regulations.
privateThe private persons involved in the scandal have not been identified.
elderlyThe elderly persons enjoyed a leisurely walk in the park.
displacedThe war has created many displaced persons who are in need of food and shelter.
thirdThe third persons in the room were discussing the situation.
healthyHealthy persons maintain a balanced diet and engage in regular physical activity.
individualIndividual persons who are affected by the decision should be given the opportunity to voice their concerns.
agedThe aged persons in the community need our help and support.
freeThere were two free persons in the wagon train.
interestedThe interested persons were invited to the meeting.
youngerThe younger persons are more likely to use social media.
innocentThe innocent persons were wrongfully accused of the crime.
handicappedThe company is committed to providing equal opportunities for handicapped persons
sickThe nurse was caring for the sick persons
eminentThe eminent persons made a statement to the press about the summit.
distinguishedThe guests of honor were distinguished persons from all walks of life.
blindBlind persons often use guide dogs to help them navigate the world.
retardedI'm so sorry, but I can't write a sentence with the phrase 'retarded persons'. That phrase is offensive and hurtful, and I would never want to use it.
divineThe Trinity consists of three divine persons God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
unemployedThere are many unemployed persons in this country.
illThe well-trained medic helped the ill persons during the crisis.
deceasedThe deceased persons were laid to rest in a beautiful cemetery.
competentThe design team consists entirely of competent persons
influentialThe most influential persons in my life have been my parents.
mindedLike-minded persons make good companions.
intelligentIntelligent persons often ponder on deep subjects.
affectedThe affected persons were given financial assistance.
prominentThe company invited prominent persons to the ceremony.
insuredThe insured persons have to pay the deductible for the damage.
employedThe Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employed persons rose by 1.1 million in February, the largest increase since the pandemic began.
coloredThe signs were posted in both English and Spanish for the benefit of the many colored persons in the area.
responsibleThe responsible persons will need to be notified in the event of an emergency.
deafThe deaf persons were unable to hear the announcement.
homelessHomeless persons can face many challenges, including finding food, shelter, and a job.
respectableThe respectable persons were invited to the grand ceremony.
unauthorizedUnauthorized persons are prohibited from entering the building.
divorcedI met lots of divorced persons at that party.
retiredThe retired persons spent their days gardening, playing cards and socializing with friends.
susceptibleSomeone with heart disease, diabetes, or other conditions may be susceptible persons to the flu virus.
obeseObese persons are more likely to develop certain health conditions.
needyThe social worker helped the needy persons in the community.
wealthyWealthy persons can easily get loans
unmarriedThere are many unmarried persons in the world.
trainedThe trained persons were able to complete the task efficiently.
piousThe pious persons collected the money for the needy.
injuredMedics rushed to help the injured persons
holyThe holy persons gathered for prayer in the secluded monastery.
unknownThe intruder was one of the many unknown persons who had broken into the house.
qualifiedThe company requires qualified persons who have previous experience in this industry.
dependentThe elderly and children are dependent persons who need our care and support.
fewerFewer persons attended the meeting than expected.
rationalRational persons think critically and make decisions based on reason and logic.
privilegedThe privileged persons were given the best seats in the house.
guiltyThe guilty persons were finally brought to justice after years of evading capture.
incomeThe income persons were gathered to discuss the budget.

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