Adjectives for Pharmacy

Adjectives For Pharmacy

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing pharmacy, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a pharmacy can significantly alter the nuance of your sentence, thereby affecting the reader's perception. A local pharmacy brings to mind a sense of community and accessibility, while a clinical pharmacy emphasizes professionalism and a focus on healthcare. The term retail pharmacy, on the other hand, underlines the commercial aspect, suggesting a wider selection of products. An American pharmacy might evoke notions of specific brands or regulatory contexts, and describing a pharmacy as your own adds a personal touch, implying trust and reliability. Lastly, a practical pharmacy suggests convenience and straightforwardness. Each of these adjectives paints a different picture, illustrating the diverse roles pharmacies play in our lives. Explore the full list of adjectives tailored to pharmacy below and discover the rich tapestry of meanings each one can unveil.
localI went to the local pharmacy to buy some medicine.
clinicalClinical pharmacy is a branch of pharmacy that focuses on the medical aspects of patient care.
retailI went to the retail pharmacy to pick up my prescription.
americanI went to the American pharmacy to get some medicine.
ownI went to my own pharmacy to pick up my prescription.
practicalThe research team is developing a new concept for practical pharmacy
smallI went to the small pharmacy to get some medicine.
modernModern pharmacy has revolutionized the way we treat and prevent diseases.
independentSarah went to the independent pharmacy to pick up her prescription.
nearestThe nearest pharmacy is just a few blocks away.
centralThe central pharmacy dispenses a wide variety of prescription drugs.
chineseThe Chinese pharmacy is just around the corner.
homeopathicI visited a homeopathic pharmacy to buy some natural remedies.
outpatientI picked up my prescription from the outpatient pharmacy
nearbyThere is a nearby pharmacy just around the corner.
traditionalThe traditional pharmacy is a place where people can get their prescriptions filled.
online"Oh, I just ordered my prescription refill from the online pharmacy," he said.
homoeopathicThe homoeopathic pharmacy is located on the corner of Main and Elm Street.
physicalPhysical pharmacy is the study of the physical and chemical properties of drugs and their interactions with the body.
industrialIndustrial pharmacy focuses on the development and production of medicines on a large scale.
hourI need to go to the hour pharmacy to pick up my prescription.
nightI need to go to the night pharmacy to get some medicine.
typicalThe typical pharmacy carries a wide range of medications.
privateI need to go to the private pharmacy to pick up my prescription.
ancientDr. Emily Thornton recently discovered a new tablet in an ancient pharmacy in Cairo.
medicalThe patient retrieved his prescription from the medical pharmacy
averageI went to the average pharmacy to pick up my prescription.
englishI bought some aspirin at the English pharmacy
frenchI went to the french pharmacy to buy some skincare products.
centuryI went to the century pharmacy to get my prescription filled.
commercialI went to the commercial pharmacy to buy some new medication.
stockedThe hospital was well-equipped with a stocked pharmacy
satelliteI got my prescription filled at the satellite pharmacy
scientificThe study of scientific pharmacy provided the framework for the modern drug development process.
houseThe house pharmacy is stocked with over-the-counter medications.
oldestThe oldest pharmacy in the United States is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
largestThe largest pharmacy in the city is located on Main Street.
serviceI got my prescription filled at the service pharmacy
canadianI ordered my medication from a Canadian pharmacy to save money.
inpatientThe inpatient pharmacy provides medications to patients who are admitted to the hospital.
termI need to go to the term pharmacy to pick up my prescription.
galenicGalenic pharmacy is the practice of making and dispensing medicinal preparations according to physician's prescriptions.
busyI rushed into the busy pharmacy hoping to find the medication I needed.
galenicalGalenical pharmacy involves the preparation of medicines from natural sources like plants and minerals
ambulatoryThe ambulatory pharmacy is located on the first floor of the hospital.
fillYou can fill your prescription at the fill pharmacy located inside the hospital.
greenThe green pharmacy is a place where you can find natural remedies for your health problems.
siteI went to the site pharmacy to get my prescription filled.
medievalThe medieval pharmacy was a place of healing and experimentation.
extemporaneousThe hospital has an extemporaneous pharmacy that can prepare medications that are not commercially available.
centralizedThe new centralized pharmacy will allow for more efficient medication management.
fashionedThe newly fashioned pharmacy was a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
ayurvedicThe ayurvedic pharmacy sells a variety of herbal remedies.
theoreticalTheoretical pharmacy is a branch of pharmacy that deals with the theoretical foundations of the profession.

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