Adjectives for Phase

Adjectives For Phase

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing phase, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

In discussing the progression of events or phenomena, the noun 'phase' often carries with it a delicate layering of meaning, subtly altered by the adjectives it's paired with. Whether we speak of the 'first' phase, indicating a beginning or emergence, or refer to the 'new' phase, suggesting a significant shift or transformation, each adjective enriches the narrative with distinct hues of progression and transition. Similarly, numerical adjectives like 'two', 'three', or 'single' inject a precision into our discourse, framing the sequence and structure of developments with clarity. Discover the full spectrum of adjectives that give color and detail to the many phases of projects, life, and change below.
firstThe first phase of the project is complete.
secondThe second phase of the project will begin next month.
threeThe three phase process is essential for the production of steel.
newWe are entering a new phase of our lives together.
singleThe power supply is single phase
liquidIn the liquid phase the atoms or molecules are free to move around and take up any position.
earlyThe project is still in its early phase
initialThe project is currently in its initial phase
solidThe reaction is driven by the transfer of the product to a solid phase
thirdThe third phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.
acuteThe patient was in the acute phase of the illness.
nextWe are now entering the next phase of the project.
finalThey're in the final phase of building the rocket.
lastThe last phase of the project was completed successfully.
stationaryThe reaction mixture was kept in the stationary phase for 30 minutes.
mobileIn the chromatography technique, the sample is transported by a mobile phase through a stationary phase.
lateI am enjoying this late phase of my life.
organicThe organic phase was treated with 1 M HCl.
laterIt is appropriate to evaluate possible erosion control treatments at a later phase
activeThe active phase of the project is expected to start next month.
continuousThe continuous phase of the emulsion is water.
earlierI have participated in the earlier phase of development.
transitionalThe transitional phase was characterized by significant social and economic changes.
fourthHe is now in the fourth phase of his recovery.
gasThe reaction was carried out in the gas phase
criticalThe project is in a critical phase and requires close monitoring.
chronicThe patient is currently in the chronic phase of the disease.
crystallineThe process of nanocrystal formation often proceeds through a metastable crystalline phase
reversedThe reversed phase chromatography separation was successful.
amorphousThe glass showed a high amorphous phase of 99%.
earliestI'm sorry, I don't have any sentences that include the phrase 'earliest phase'.
terminalThe patient is in the terminal phase of the disease.
latestWe are now in the latest phase of the project.
vaporThe vapor phase is the state of a substance when it is below its critical temperature and above its critical pressure.
developmentalThe developmental phase of the project lasted several months.
intermediateThe new intermediate phase of the project will begin next week.
stableThe project is now stable phase
middleThe middle phase of the project was the most challenging.
condensedThe condensed phase is a state of matter in which the molecules are closely packed together.
exponentialThe bacterial culture entered the exponential phase of its growth cycle.
rapidThe reaction proceeded with a rapid phase
richI am in a rich phase of my life.
preliminaryThe preliminary phase of the project was completed last week.
slowThe slow phase of the gastric emptying implies a circadian rhythm.
fourThe project has four phases.
reverseThe separation of components in a mixture by reverse phase chromatography is based on the different affinities of the components for the stationary and mobile phases.
arterialThe arterial phase is the first phase of the cardiac cycle.
latentThe latent phase of labor is often the longest and least painful.
preparatoryDuring the preparatory phase the researchers gathered data from a variety of sources.
multiThe project is currently in a multi phase testing cycle.
manic"He has been in a manic phase for the past three days and is becoming increasingly agitated."
oedipalSigmund Freud believed that the oedipal phase is a critical stage in psychosexual development.
temporaryThis is just a temporary phase that will soon pass.
cubicThe cubic phase is characterized by a body-centered cubic crystal structure.
oralThe infant is in the oral phase of development.
crucialThe crucial phase of the project is now underway.
logarithmicThe bacterial culture is now in the logarithmic phase
nematicThe nematic phase is a state of matter that is characterized by the alignment of its molecules.
sixPrepare the panels for the six phase process.
linearThe digital filter is a linear phase that has a constant time delay for all frequencies.

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