Adjectives for Phones

Adjectives For Phones

Discover the most suitable adjectives for phones, including mobile, cellular, public, and smart. Our resource provides examples in sentences to understand the context, enhancing your writing and comprehension. Ideal for students, professionals, and enthusiasts looking to enrich their language and communication skills. Dive into the versatile world of adjectives for phones today.

mobileMobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives.
cellularCellular phones are a marvel of modern technology.
publicThere are now far fewer public phones in the city than there used to be.
smartSmart phones have become an essential part of our lives.
wirelessThanks to wireless phones we can stay connected no matter where we are.
portablePortable phones have become an essential part of our lives today.
mostMost phones come with a built-in camera.
privateThey had both left their private phones at home.
satelliteSatellite phones make it possible to stay connected in remote areas.
poweredThe hurricane had knocked out power for days, so people waited in lines for hours to get their powered phones plugged in at local shops.
regularWe will not be selling regular phones online for the time being.
rotaryOld movies still feature rotary phones in public phone booths.
multipleI have multiple phones
generationGeneration phones have changed the way we communicate with each other.
newerNewer phones have more features than older phones.
heldPeople held phones and recorded the event.
operatedThe employees operated phones in the call center.
secureThe secure phones were stored in a vault.
capableThe company has produced capable phones for many years.
prepaidHe bought prepaid phones for his employees to use.
videoModern video phones allow for face-to-face communication over long distances.
latestI couldn't wait to get my hands on the latest phones
conventionalThe company's latest smartphone is a far cry from the conventional phones of the past.
buttonI prefer button phones over smartphones.
fixedDue to the prevalence of mobile phones, fixed phones are less common.
extraThe hotel provided extra phones for guests to use during their stay.
wiredThere are still some wired phones in the house.
residentialWe can struggle to get WiFi- signal to reach all of the residential phones in the house.
internetInternet phones have become increasingly popular in recent years.
compatibleYou'll need compatible phones for this to work.
expensiveI can't afford expensive phones
disposableThe police tracked the suspect's location using the disposable phones he had been using.
landlineCan we still use landline phones in our house?
equippedMany of next year’s cars will be equipped phones and tablets.
contrastiveThe two Greek words ποῦς (pous) and πούς (poús) illustrate the role of contrastive phones
multimediaThe latest multimedia phones have advanced features.
multilineCommunicating with colleagues was much more easy and effective thanks to the installation of multiline phones
damnDamn phones always interrupting me.
cheapThe cheap phones are surprisingly powerful nowadays.
dualSome people use dual phones one for work and one for personal use.
ubiquitousUbiquitous phones have transformed the way we communicate and access information.
payI remember when pay phones were the only way to make a phone call when you were out and about.

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