Adjectives for Place

Adjectives For Place

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing place, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a place can dramatically alter the perception of the location in question. The adjective 'first' emphasizes its pioneering or original nature, making it stand out as a trailblazer or foundation. 'Same' might denote a lack of change or uniqueness, perhaps underscoring stability or monotony. The term 'second' could imply a close following, either in a sequence or in superiority. 'Proper' suggests that the place is particularly suited for its intended purpose, implying a suitable or expected standard. 'Good' and 'right' highlight positive attributes, though with varying degrees of moral or practical appropriateness. Exploring the full range of adjectives used with 'place' reveals the intricate nuances that language holds over our perception of spaces. Discover the diverse adjectives that can transform a simple 'place' into an evocative setting below.
firstHe won first place in the race.
sameWe met in the same place where we first met.
secondThe runner came in second place
properThe books were all in their proper places on the shelf.
goodThis is a good place to live in.
rightWe found ourselves in the right place at the right time.
onlyThe only place where you can find peace is within yourself.
importantMy family's home is an important place for me.
bestLondon was chosen as the best place to live in.
safeThe library provided a safe place for her to study.
thirdThey won third place in the competition last year.
specialThe park has always been a special place for the children.
betterWe can make this world a better place
prominentThe statue was in a prominent place in the park.
restingWe found a resting place under the shade of a tree.
holyThe temple is a holy place where people can come to worship.
centralThe town is a central place for the surrounding villages.
wrongHe was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
coolIt was such a cool place to visit!
nativeI always want to go to my native place
quietThe library was a quiet place to study.
rightfulThe treasure was returned to its rightful place
latterHe had been accustomed to make London his principal residence, and his latter place of abode had been a house in Paddington.
warmThe warm place was inviting after the long journey.
beautifulIt's a beautiful place here!
convenientThe store is located in a convenient place and is easily accessible.
suitableI have found a suitable place for our picnic.
darkI was in a dark place but I found my way out.
dwellingOur dwelling place is a world of silent solitude and vast openness.
appropriateYou should keep your shoes in the appropriate place
usualI'll meet you at our usual place
sacredThe sacred place was hidden in the depths of the forest.
strangeI found myself in a strange place filled with peculiar creatures.
pleasantThe park was a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.
dryKeep your passport in a dry place as moisture can damage it.
secretI found a secret place in the woods where I can go to be alone with my thoughts.
idealThe ideal place for a picnic is in the park on a sunny day.
fourthThe team came in fourth place just missing out on the medals.
fireI love to sit by the fire place and read a book.
permanentI decided to make my permanent place in New York City.
perfectThe park was the perfect place for a picnic.
favoriteMy favorite place is the library.
dangerousThe abandoned warehouse was a dangerous place filled with rusty metal and broken glass.
wonderfulThe city is a wonderful place to visit.
comfortableThe living room was a comfortable place to relax after a long day.
conspicuousThe artwork was hung in a conspicuous place to attract attention.
lonelyThe empty house was a lonely place
secureThe team stored the documents in a secure place to prevent unauthorized access.
uniqueThis place has a unique place in the world.
definiteThe book is on the definite place
distantI have always dreamed of visiting distant places.
logicalThe library is the logical place to find books.
lovelyWe had a lovely place for our picnic.
foremostThe foremost place in his heart was always reserved for his family.
exactThe exact place was hard to find.
abidingThey sought an abiding place in a new land.
fifthHe was disappointed that he had only managed fifth place
emptyThere was an empty place at the table.

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