Adjectives for Places

Adjectives For Places

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing places, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'places' brings a world of nuance, helping to paint a more vivid picture of the location being described. Whether these places are 'other,' hinting at undiscovered or foreign locales, or 'many', suggesting abundance and variety, each adjective adds a layer of depth. 'Different' and 'several' speak to diversity and quantity, respectively, while 'such' and 'various' introduce a sense of broad categorization or a range of types. Every adjective choice crafts a unique perspective, subtly shaping the reader's understanding and emotional response to the places mentioned. Explore our full list of adjectives to discover the perfect nuances for describing all kinds of places.
otherI have been to many other places but I like home the best.
manyI have traveled to many places around the world.
differentThey have lived in different places throughout their lives.
severalI have been to several places this summer.
suchI've never seen such places
variousWe visited various places during our trip.
fewOnly in few places can we be happy, but everywhere we can be content.
publicI prefer to wear a mask in public places to protect myself.
highThe thrill-seeker enjoyed exploring the high places of the mountains.
mostMost places are closed on Sundays.
certainCertain places hold a special place in our hearts.
holyPilgrims travel to holy places like Mecca and Jerusalem.
decimalThis calculation has two decimal places
distantMy heart fluttered with anticipation as I embarked on a journey to distant places
sacredThe pilgrims visited many sacred places during their long journey.
bestThe best places to visit in the world are the ones that give you a sense of wonder and awe.
darkI shivered as I wandered through the dark places of the old house.
rightEmployees must be in the right places at the right time.
remoteHer travels took her to remote places around the world.
secret"The old house had many secret places where she could hide her treasures."
appropriateRemember to put your belongings in appropriate places
openShe ran to the edge of the woods and stared out at the open places
unexpectedI found unexpected places to hide my treasures.
numerousThere are numerous places in the city to eat and shop.
urbanThe fast-paced atmosphere of urban places can be overwhelming for some people.
strangeI've been to some strange places in my life, but this one takes the cake.
wrongThe misplaced items were found in all the wrong places
dangerousAvoid visiting dangerous places
respectiveThe students sat in their respective places
suitableI've tried it in a number of suitable places
smallerThey decided to check out smaller places
pleasantWe went for a walk in one of the many pleasant places in the city.
favoriteMy favorite places are on the coast.
interestingI visited so many interesting places during my vacation.
dryThe dry places were too hot to tolerate.
dampThe growth of mold is common in damp places
safeIt's important to create safe places where people feel comfortable and respected.
wildI love to explore wild places
heavenlyThe heavenly places were filled with angelic music
wetI love swimming in wet places
roughThe road had many rough places
convenientThe stores were located in convenient places
moistThe fern thrives in moist places
unlikelyThey found the lost dog in the most unlikely places
shadyThe children loved to play in the shady places of the park.
restingWe took breaks at several resting places along the trail.
familiarShe went to familiar places in her dreams.
dwellingThe wolves made their dwelling places in the deep, dark forest.
farawayHer travels have taken her to faraway places
vacantI prefer to sit on the vacant places near the window.
fireThe fire places roared with heat and the smell of burning wood.
exoticWe went to some exotic places on vacation.
quietThe quiet places of the world are often the most beautiful.
shelteredThe water-skiers were sheltered places from the strong current under the bridge.
likelyShe kept her precious things in likely places
fortifiedThe enemy took refuge in the fortified places
prominentDelegates from all 50 states occupied prominent places in the crowd.
marshyBirds often seek shelter in marshy places
rockyI like rambling on rocky places
solitaryI sought out solitary places to find peace and tranquility.
inaccessibleExplorers often find themselves in inaccessible places
emptyThe empty places in the world are the most beautiful.
strategicMarketing posters and flyers should be placed in strategic places for maximum exposure.
offI've been to lots of off places but this one takes the cake.
isolatedExploring forsaken islands and forgotten ruins in isolated places was his passion.

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