Adjectives for Plus

Adjectives For Plus

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing plus, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Using adjectives with the noun 'plus' can significantly alter its impact, conveying various degrees of enhancement or benefit. A 'big plus' suggests a substantial advantage, while a 'definite plus' signals an undeniable improvement. The expression 'real plus' conveys authenticity and true value, whereas a 'major plus' indicates a significant advantage. Conversely, a 'good plus' implies a positive, albeit potentially less dramatic, benefit. Understanding the nuances of these adjectives helps in pinpointing the exact level of advantage or benefit being described, enabling clearer and more effective communication. Each adjective brings its own flavor to the term 'plus,' enriching our language with precision. Explore the full list of adjectives to discover more about how they diversify the meaning of 'plus'.
bigThe big plus of this product is its durability.
definiteI'm so happy to have this definite plus
realIt was a real plus to meet you at the conference.
majorThat's a major plus in my book.
goodThe doctor gave the patient a good plus prognosis.
costThe cost plus contract meant the buyer would be reimbursed for all costs incurred, plus a percentage for profit.
hugeThe huge plus of this program is that it is free to use.
basicThe basic plus model was a good fit for my needs.
importantIt is important plus to stay updated with the latest news and events.
netI used the net plus app to find a good hiking trail.
nonElle ne parle pas français, moi non plus
fineThe weather has been fine plus for over a week.
biggestIts biggest plus is its light weight at half the weight of other industry models, while maintaining the longevity of 2,500 hours.
additionalThe additional plus of remote working is it offers more time with family.
aboveThe total cost is above plus shipping.
strongThe tea has a strong plus flavor.
fiveFive plus two is seven.
unaryShe walked into the room and unary plus walked out.
addedThe added plus of the new system is its user-friendly interface.
averageThey are average plus students.
extraThe extra plus in the package is a nice bonus.
fortyHe had forty plus years of experience in the field.
estElle est plus belle que jamais.
distinctDespite its distinct plus the plan was defeated.
pittsburghThe price of the steel was quoted at the Pittsburgh plus the cost of shipment to the job site.
coreThe company's strategy is to focus on core plus businesses that have the potential for growth.
tremendousThis opportunity has been a tremendous plus to my career.
fiftyThere were fifty plus people at the party.
enormousThe enormous plus of working from home is the flexibility it provides.
pebbleThe pebble plus the rock made an appetizing snack.
equalThe equal plus of the two numbers is six.
asiaAsia plus is a news agency based in Tajikistan.
optionalThe optional plus in the expression (a + b) is used to specify that the addition of b is optional.
sixtyThere were sixty plus people at the conference.
intrinsic He possesses intrinsic plus factors, which contribute to his resilience.
unexpectedAmidst the chaos, the unexpected plus emerged as a glimmer of hope.
technicianThe technician plus his assistant arrived at the site to repair the machine.
meanI mean plus that is what I'm saying.
twoThe sum of two plus two is four.
millionThe city has a population of over a million plus
proportionalThe proportional plus control algorithm is used to adjust the controller output based on the error and its derivative.
variableThe total expenditure might vary depending on the variable plus other factors.
fortranfortran plus is a programming language.
deadThe dead plus are those who are no longer alive but are still present in our hearts and memories.
11mHis 11m plus winner gave his side the lead.

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