Adjectives for Pocket

Adjectives For Pocket

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing pocket, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

Choosing the right adjective to describe a pocket can significantly alter the tone and detail of a sentence. Whether it's one's own pocket, symbolizing personal space or possessions, or an out pocket, hinting at something external and perhaps exposed. The inside pocket evokes a sense of privacy and intimacy, whereas the left or right pocket can detail orientation and accessibility. Similarly, an inner pocket suggests hidden depths or secrets. Each adjective opens up new dimensions of interpretation and imagery, transforming a simple noun into a vivid, descriptive element of any narrative. For a deeper exploration of how each adjective can modify 'pocket,' view the full list below.
ownThe company paid for the repairs out of its own pocket
leftHe reached into his left pocket and pulled out his keys.
innerHe put the wallet in his inner pocket
rightI reached into my right pocket and pulled out my keys.
frontI put my wallet in my front pocket
backHe kept the key in his back pocket
smallI dug through the small pocket looking for my keys.
deepShe has been an entrepreneur ever since she started and invested from her deep pocket
handI put my hands in my hand pockets to keep them warm.
periodontalThe periodontal pocket is a space between the tooth and gum that is greater than 3 mm in depth.
bindingWe determined by modeling that the 3-fluorination of the furan ring significantly improved the binding pocket complementarity and optimized the hydrophobic interactions with its receptor.
topHe kept his spare key in his top pocket
emptyI rummaged through my empty pocket hoping to find a forgotten coin.
rearHe pulled his wallet out of his rear pocket and paid for the groceries.
hydrophobicThe drug molecule has a hydrophobic pocket that binds to the active site of the enzyme.
sideThe ball rolled into the side pocket
outsideI put my wallet in the outside pocket of my backpack.
vestThe thief kept the stolen jewelry in his vest pocket
subcutaneousThe subcutaneous pocket is located beneath the skin and above the muscle.
secretI found a secret pocket in my jacket.
upperShe had a pen in her upper pocket
pickThe pick pocket swiftly lifted the wallet from the unsuspecting victim's back pocket.
waistcoatThe man pulled a handkerchief out of his waistcoat pocket
infrabonyThe bone loss was the result of infrabony pockets.
gingivalThe dentist checked the depth of the gingival pockets.
hiddenI found a secret stash of money in the hidden pocket of my old coat.
outerI put my wallet in the outer pocket of my backpack.
uniformI folded the clothes and put them in the uniform pocket
tinyI found a tiny pocket in my jeans.
shallowThe shallow pocket of the coat made it difficult to hold anything.
tailThe kangaroo hopped away, its tail pocket bouncing with its joey.
isolatedThe isolated pocket of wilderness provides a haven for wildlife to thrive undisturbed.
zipperedI reached into the zippered pocket of my backpack to retrieve my phone.
tornHer dress had a torn pocket where she kept her keys.
tightThe tight pocket made it difficult to reach for the coins.
blindThe blind pocket was a hidden compartment that contained a secret stash.
flagellarI decided to have my flagellar pocket assessed
yerKeep yer pocket
deepest"Who has the deepest pocket?" asked the waiter.
shapedShe placed her finger in a heart-shaped pocket of the dress.
interiorThe handbag had several interior pockets.
righthandHe put the key in his righthand pocket
convenientThe remote control has a convenient pocket on the back for storing the batteries.
bulgingThe man's bulging pocket was stuffed with money.
wrongI put my phone in the wrong pocket and couldn't find it for hours.
raggedHe shoved his hand into his ragged pocket and pulled out a crumpled lottery ticket.
subperiostealCreate a tunnel in the bone using curettes and place the implant in the subperiosteal pocket
fatHe reached into his fat pocket and pulled out a wad of cash.
deeperMy father has a deeper pocket than my uncle.
frostOne of the main attractions of the area is also the coldest: a frost pocket situated at the bottom of a large depression.
wallThe antique wall pocket contained delicate trinkets.

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