Adjectives for Point

Adjectives For Point

Discover the most popular adjectives for describing point, complete with example sentences to guide your usage.

Updated on March 16, 2024

The word 'point' in the English language can be modified by a myriad of adjectives, each bringing its unique shade of meaning and emphasizing different nuances of the concept. Describing something as a 'starting point' suggests the beginning of a journey or process, setting the stage for what's to come. An 'important point' highlights significance and demands attention, urging the audience to take note. A 'focal point' draws the eye or mind to a central, crucial element, while a 'certain point' introduces a degree of specificity and clarity. The 'highest point' elevates something to its peak, and a 'second point' introduces an alternative perspective or adds to the initial idea. Each adjective subtly alters the understanding of 'point,' enriching the conversation with varied implications. Explore the full spectrum of adjectives associated with 'point' to appreciate the depth and breadth they offer.
startingThis is a good starting point for a new project.
importantThe most important point is to be yourself.
focalThe artist deliberately placed the window as a focal point of the painting.
certainThe adventure took an unpredictable turn at a certain point
highestThe highest point in the world is Mount Everest.
secondThe second point is to consider the long-term consequences.
mainThe main point of the presentation was to emphasize the importance of teamwork.
highThe high point of the trip was the hike to the summit.
lastI'd like to make one last point before we wrap up.
singleThe report focused on a single point
criticalThe boiling temperature of water is 100 degrees Celsius at sea level, which is its critical point
centralThe central point of the argument was well-argued and persuasive.
particularHe mentioned that we should be careful about that particular point
fixedThe nail was hammered into the wood at a fixed point
lowestThe lowest point of the river is reached at its mouth.
decimalThe decimal point in the number 12.34 is a period.
crucialUnderstanding the crucial point of this issue is essential for finding a solution.
lowThe company was at a low point financially, but they managed to recover.
keyRemember to clarify the key point in the e-mail.
latterThe latter point is not as important as the first.
finalThis is the final point
thirdShe has only three points, and she has already given two of them. Now she has to wait for her third point
interestingI think that's an interesting point
practicalThe practical point of this article is to provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the new software.
weakThe weak point in the armor was easily exploited by the enemy.
turningHis injury was a turning point in his career.
sharpBe careful not to touch the sharp point
dewThe dew point is the temperature at which water vapor in the air condenses into liquid water.
initialThe initial point of the line is (0, 0).
offHer comments were way off point and did not contribute to the discussion.
middleThe middle point of the line segment is easy to find.
mootThe merits of the proposal were a moot point after the project was canceled.
theoreticalWe are only at a theoretical point but the results are promising.
nearestThe nearest point to the beach is a 10-minute walk from the hotel.
isoelectricThe isoelectric point of a protein is the pH at which it has no net charge.
extremeThe extreme point of the curve is at (0, 0).
freezingWater's freezing point is 0 degrees Celsius.
endThe end point of the journey is approaching.
boilingThe water's boiling point is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
vitalShe went straight to the vital point of his argument.
fundamentalThis is a fundamental point in the discussion.
usefulThe presentation provided a few useful points that helped me understand the topic better.
obviousIt was an obvious point but one that needed to be made.
evenThe circles are all aligned with even point spacing.
exactThe exact point at which I stopped caring is unknown.
convenientWe should meet at a convenient point
neutralThe neutral point of the circuit is the point at which the potential is zero.
logicalThe logical point of the argument is that the conclusion does not follow from the premises.
decisiveThe decisive point in the game came when the quarterback threw a touchdown pass in the final seconds.
definiteThe meeting will start on a definite point at 9 a.m
objectiveThe research team measured the results from an objective point
distantThe distant point on the horizon marked the end of their journey.
preciseThe team prepared the site at the precise point for the tent to be set up.

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